chinatown excursion

I thought I’d finish off this lovely week with some photos from my trip to Chinatown last week! I realized I never shared any images… so I thought, why not do that today? 🙂 
The back story to this trip is that one of my bosses at my day job thought it’d be good for us to see and experience different parts of the city. So they are sending us in random groups of five to different neighborhoods on extended lunch breaks every few weeks. The first neighborhood was obviously, Chinatown. (Others will include Little Italy, Greek town, Pilsen neighborhood, and more…)
It was a very, VERY cold day – so we didn’t wander around as much as I would have liked to on my first trip to see this part of the city. Because of that – I didn’t get a ton of photos. Seriously you guys – it was actually painful to be outside for long. So I’m sorry I don’t have a ton to share with you – but here are some that I snapped on our way to and from lunch anyway! 🙂 (It was super sunny – so the colors are very rich, I didn’t photoshop any of that – fyi!) 🙂
The view from the train platform into the city… 
 … and into Chinatown!

 All the colors were so bright! I love it! 

I was born in the year of the rooster!
 James was born in the year of the horse… 

 Ginseng does not come cheap apparently!

Happy Friday lovelies! Have a fabulous weekend! 🙂 

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