me time

Since the holidays came to a close a few weeks back… I’ve made an extra effort to focus more time on me. When things get busy with work this seems to be the first thing I lose… and next thing I know – I haven’t worked out, read a book, cuddled with James, or just plain old relaxed, since longer than I can remember. So lately, while I’ve still been working my tush off (just two more sessions to edit!), I have at the same time been making a conscious effort to focus more energy on me (and my little family). 
What are some of the things I’ve been doing as of late, you ask? Well… my trusty little camera phone has been keeping track – and here are some pics to prove it…  🙂 
Activities included, but not limited to (and in no particular order)….
1. Drinking beer
2. Cheering on my Packers
3. Cuddling with J and Phoen-Phoen
4. Taking a ballet class at Joffrey (Didn’t go so well… to say the least! My body worked okay, but my brain had trouble retaining what exactly it was that my body was supposed to be doing at any given moment. So – it felt a lot more like tripping over myself than it did like dancing for most of the class. 🙂  Also, J got a good laugh when I suited up in my leotard and tights… so I couldn’t help but take a picture of it & send it to my friend Rachel, who was going to class with me the next day… hence the photo above.)
5. Cooking for my family (It’s been a while! I’m making a very big effort to do this more often. It’s so much better for us, and it’s like therapy for me – I love to cook!)
6. Taking way too many photos of Phoenix (per usual)… Phoenix in a Packer shirt, Phoenix squished into a weird position between James and I on the couch, Phoenix wrapped up like a burrito, Phoenix and James holding me hostage from getting out of bed yesterday… (literally – they were both criss-crossed over my torso – keeping me from being able to move AT ALL.)
I hope you all are remembering to take time for yourselves and your loved ones too! 🙂 

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