flashback: gina + matt ~ wedding photography

Lately a few people have been contacting me my with questions… where I got my start, how long have I been shooting weddings, do I have any tips, do I have any location suggestions in Chicago… etc.  And all these questions have got me reminiscing and looking back on the beginning of this whole crazy journey. 
For some reason, it especially got me thinking back to my first “Chicago” wedding… in September 2009. It’s funny, because I decided to check out the email correspondence I had with Gina before the wedding and in the initial email between us I said, “Well, I’m not a wedding photographer… but I sometimes make exceptions and do this just for family and friends…” 
Ha! It’s crazy to think that was less than a year and a half ago! My how things change…  🙂
Anyway – since these photos were taken long before my blogging days (and apparently before I even considered myself a ‘wedding photographer’), I thought I’d share a few of my favorites. 
Gina and Matt are about as cute as they come…. soooo affectionate and loving towards each other (a photographer’s dream), as you can see! 🙂 We had a blast running all over downtown Chicago to grab these shots on a gorgeous September day…

 Gina’s face in the photo on the left gets me every time. She is SO happy! 🙂 I love it!

 Always keeping each other smiling… 🙂
 Their father/daughter dance was a tear-jerker, big time.
One of my favorite wedding pics of all time. Love the moment here… Gina with her immediate family – totally blissful on her wedding day… 

Anyway – I hope you enjoyed my little flashback! I may do some more of these in the off-season! 🙂


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