role reversal

I’m not sure if some sort of crazy personality swap occurred in our sleep or what… but this is what went down last night when I got home from work:
James suggested we do yoga together. 
I said no thanks.
James offered to make me a fruit smoothie with soy milk. (Hold the phone… my husband bought soy milk!? I didn’t even know he was aware that soy milk existed!) 
I said If you make me a smoothie – I will not drink it. Do NOT make me a smoothie! (He was really insistent on making me one… hence the yelling on my part. It was necessary.)
James wanted to make a veggie pizza for dinner. 
I proceeded to pull everything possible out of the cupboard and fridge (chili cheese dip, doritos, pretzels, fruit snacks) and eat it all while standing up in the kitchen. 
Then I drank a beer. (Well, to be more accurate I suppose… I chugged a beer.) 
James just stood there – dumbfounded – watching me consume everything in sight, while simultaneously turning down every healthy option he offered.  He said to me through laughter: Ummm… what the hell?! Is this a role reversal or what? Who are you and what did you do with my wife???

I don’t know the answer to that…
… but I do know that chili cheese dip and beer hit the spot. 🙂

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