My body may not adjust so well to the time change… but my mind sure does! Is anyone else significantly happier now that it’s light out longer?! I know I am! (But maybe that’s just the photographer in me loving that I have light to work with for quite a while after returning home from the office… Yay!)
I couldn’t get over how high in the sky the sun was on my walk home from the bus on Monday night. I seriously couldn’t stop staring up at the sun and smiling! I don’t care if it’s cold – as long as there is light – I. Am. Good. 🙂 
Then, later that night I was making some dinner and noticed pink shining through the blinds. I knew immediately what it was… so I ran into the other room, grabbed my camera and headed straight out our back door and up the steps. 
A sunset! I was seeing a sunset for the first time since who knows when!  I was ecstatic… how could I not be?! 🙂 

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