news + nervousness + an irish blessing

So… I’ve been keeping pretty quiet about something for quite a while now, mostly because I didn’t want to make a big announcement about it and then have it not happen. (Because that would be silly.) 
But, it turns out, it is actually happening – so I can say it out loud now, I suppose. 🙂
I was contacted a little over a month ago by someone from CBS Evening News with Katie Couric about being in a piece for a series they are doing (about what – I cannot tell you). And after going through the planning stages for the last month, it appears this is actually happening. (Yikes!) They are flying someone from their New York crew out to Chicago to interview and film me for the next few days. (To say I’m nervous would be a huge understatement! Those of you who follow me on Twitter are well aware that new clothes have been purchased in preparation for this… haha) 
So I’m spending today at home getting my life in order before all of this starts. (Hence the later-than-normal blog post. And – yes, I took a vacation day to prep for this… okay?!) 
The only other info I can share with you guys is that the series/piece should be aired sometime the last week of March, as far as I know. (I’ll keep you posted if I find out an exact date.) And also… it’s really not that big of a deal because (this is what the woman from CBS told me) – while they are filming me for a few days, it will probably only result in 30 seconds of footage that actually gets aired. (And let’s hope it’s not the 30 seconds of footage where I say something really stupid. haha) 
So – that’s the news I wanted to share with you all! 🙂 
. . . . . . . 
And of course I can’t let St. Patrick’s Day go by unrecognized – so here is one of my favorite Irish blessings for you all… 

For the curious… I’m half Irish – although I don’t look it, necessarily. Of all the times in my life someone has asked me what ethnicity I am (and I get asked that a lot, strangely) – nobody ever guesses Irish. But I am! And I’m oh-so-proud of it!

And because I can’t let a post go by without some photos – here are some images from our wedding to show our Irish heritage shining through. 🙂 It’s a tradition in our family that at every wedding my Uncle George sings Danny Boy and McNamara’s Band to welcome the new member into our family. (I wish I had video/audio of my Uncle George singing these… but somehow we don’t have any… We must work on this family!)

Danny  Boy inevitably brings tears to everyone’s eyes, and McNamara’s Band inevitably brings with it a tired group of cousins (who do a kick line through the entire, loooong song) and lots of laughing and clapping from those of us watching! Enjoy the pics! 🙂

Danny Boy:

McNamara’s Band:

Thanks Uncle George!!! 🙂 


**(Again, all wedding photos done by Patrick Sablan and Jon Hamblin)

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