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Why is it that life always seems to get extra busy and crazy right before you’re about to leave town for an extended period of time? Guaranteed, it happens every time for me.
I really thought at some point I would be caught up on editing and get a bit of a ‘break’ before things started up again… but alas, here we are – two sessions scheduled for this weekend (my first of the new year), and prepping to head to Mexico for a wedding next week… and I’m still not caught up.
So I’m busting my butt as much as possible to get things in order and get these last photos out before new ones are added to the list. And because of that – I’m going to do just a quick little post for you guys today so I can get right back to work.
And because I haven’t done this in a while… here is my life in summary from the past couple of weeks – via pictures from my phone, of course. 🙂

1. One box down, three to go.

2. You love cheese? You must go here. It’s in Wisconsin, naturally.

3. Valentine’s Day = Chocolate, yes?

4. I went shopping for our Superbowl party on my way back from Wisconsin. It’s cheaper there and it was fabulous to be around all the green & gold! 🙂

5. Phoenix sleeping in a crazy position, per usual.

6. Popping some champagne to celebrate being Superbowl Champs! 🙂

7. I went to brush my teeth before bed on Valentine’s Day and came back to find this. Awwww. My loves!

8. Some of the Superbowl spread at my place… cheese, brats, chips, more cheese, cheese… and oh yes cheese. (I made homemade donuts at halftime too! Holy cow did those things fly off the plate. I guess my friends liked them. :))

9. Mom… seriously, stop editing and come lay by me. I mean seriously, how cute am I?! How can you resist? No seriously, stop working.

10. Did I mention we won the Superbowl? (I’m sorry – I’ll get over it eventually. I’m still just relishing in it at the moment.) Mel and I are mouths-agape-excited about it, see? 🙂

11. Phoenix finally decided to harass somebody else in this house. About time! 🙂

12. I went home last weekend to see the play my Dad is directing, Almost Maine. (If you live near my hometown, Campbellsport, seriously go check it out! It’s still playing this weekend, and it may be one of my favorites ever. It’s the Love Actually of plays, if you ask me… just my kind of show! :)) After the show we went to the ‘after party’ at a local restaurant and I enjoyed a few of these ‘Spotted Cows’. One of my favorite beers of all time, but they only sell it in Wisco… sad, sad.

Well… that ended up being a long summary. But now you’re caught up on all the piddly little crap you could have lived without knowing, but now you know! And don’t you feel better because of it?! 😉

Now you can go enjoy your weekend! Happy Friday to all my loves! XOXO 🙂

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