I’m getting kind of frustrated with the lack of daylight. Mainly because I have all these ideas for posts I want to do and photos I want to take to include in them – but I can’t take the darn pictures because I’m sitting in an office all day when the sunlight is out! And by the time I get home it’s pitch black outside and I’ve missed my window of opportunity to document anything.
I know – there is such a thing as a flash – but honestly, I am not a fan. Not because I don’t know how to use it. Trust me, I do. (That’s what that Commercial Photography degree is all about… “Lighting People,” “Studio Lighting,” etc…) I just seriously prefer the look of natural light and enjoy the process of finding good light. It always makes me feel like I’ve won a prize. 🙂 True story. I get super excited about it when I find beautiful light. I’m on the look out for it all the time – it may or may not drive James crazy how much I talk about good light. 🙂 haha
Anyway – that being said… I went on a couple shopping sprees over the weekend and realized that I spend way more money prepping for a vacation than I actually spend while on vacation – I’m pretty sure. And of course now that I have all of these new spring/summer things I purchased for Mexico next week – I want to share them with you! Problem being that they look pretty *blah* on hangers. So I want to try them all on and do a little fashion show for you guys – but I’m never home during daylight hours to get the photos! I’m going to work on this so I can share them with you guys in the next few days hopefully. 🙂 
So, I’m very sorry I have nothing for you at the moment (but to be honest – I spent last night enjoying Valentine’s Day with James… watching The Bachelor and eating Mexican take out. 🙂 haha I know – not his ideal V-Day either! But I thoroughly enjoyed it!)
Anyway, hopefully I’ll have my “fashion show” for you guys very soon – if I can ever manage to catch some daylight! I’ve got my outfits sitting out – just waiting to be photographed… 😉 

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