awkward vacation fashion show :)

Haha – I couldn’t help the title… because, well, this is kind of awkward. I started to regret telling you all I would share my new vacation duds with you immediately after I took the first photo of myself. (There’s a reason I’m a photographer and not a model people…  I’m just saying.)
As you can see, I managed to find some daylight hours (just barely) to take some quick photos in. I got home just about 30 minutes before sunset (on an already cloudy day), which didn’t leave me much to work with. James was exhausted – (apparently he works and is a full-time student now? And that means he can’t do whatever I ask him to do whenever I ask him to do it?! Who does he think he is?! Psh.) – so he chose to sleep through the photo shoot that he was supposed to help me with. Thus, I had to resort to using a self-timer indoors (because, it was rather chilly outside to be wearing summer gear and taking photos of myself- let’s be real). 
And since we live in a rather tiny apartment with limited open spaces – I had to find the only spot available where there was natural light coming in and that had enough space to set up a tripod (my office). And since I literally only had minutes of natural light to work with – I did this all really quickly. I’m talking… change – press shutter – change – press shutter… etc. No mirror checking or anything. Plus – I normally have a snack at this point in the day and I didn’t have time to do that today, lest I lose my precious daylight – so I was kind of crabby during this entire process! (Me without food is not a good thing… Let’s just say James should be very happy he was sleeping or he may have taken the brunt of my lovely mood.)
So anyways… 
I ask that you please ignore the dust balls in the corner, and the annoying cable cord on the ground. Oh, and me, please ignore me… and the clothes if you want to, really. Did I mention I’m starting to regret saying I’d do this? But apparently a few people are looking forward to it – so I must not let them down. So here we go – my awkward vacation fashion show – done with a self-timer and a tripod, in our tiny apartment, during the last fleeting moments of daylight, in my dusty office. Oh – and I’m not including my head. After reviewing the first few photos (complete with a ridiculously fake smile) I decided to crop my head out of the frame (smart move if you ask me… my head made the photos even more awkward than they already were. For reals.)

First off – my casual, walking around town outfit – complete with a new little bag I got from Aldo. I hate lugging around massive purses (although I do most of the time), especially when I’m wearing light summer clothes and it’s hot – so I invested in that little guy. (Also, I’m wearing the locket I previously posted about here – if you’re curious.) (p.s. I’m starting to realize this hardly qualifies as some sort of fashion post… khaki shorts and a plain tank top? Really Christy?! Oy.)

Here’s the dress I found to wear while I shoot the wedding! 🙂 It’s long enough and structured enough that it won’t blow up in the wind and I won’t flash anyone when I squat to take pictures (I tested it in the dressing room, of course). Oh – and it stretches and has pockets too! So that’s awesome. 🙂 Originally I didn’t want to get a strapless dress for this occasion for obvious reasons – but this one fits so well that I shouldn’t be hiking it up all day. Yay Banana Republic Factory Store! 🙂
I found this comfy dress at Banana Republic Factory Store as well… could be worn day or night (for casual dinner out) or even worn over a suit at the pool perhaps… who knows? 
If you can’t tell, I prefer dresses and skirts to shorts…. much more comfortable, if you ask me. Here’s another skirt from B.R. and some simple tank tops I got on sale at the J.Crew Outlet. (Hard to tell in the pic, but this one has little gray stripes on it… I have one of them on in the first pic as well in a pale greenish/blue.)
And here are some of the accessories I had on with the outfits. I’m loving the gold and rose tones this year. They just make me feel all warm and sunshiny. 🙂 (The necklace, shockingly, I picked up at Old Navy a few months ago and the gold accessories… again, from BR Factory Store – my favorite place to shop, obviously.)
A close up of the little bag…

And another item from Aldo… some nice, versatile gold sandals.

And that’s that! Hopefully that wasn’t too painful for all of us… 🙂

What are you guys looking forward to wearing this spring/summer? 🙂

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