bury the bone

So… I was going to write my FAQ post last night – but then Phoenix did something I’ve always wanted to capture on camera and I was finally able to! 🙂 So of course I have to share it. Right? 🙂 
Lately she’s been acting more and more like a dog. I know this sounds weird – because obviously – she IS a dog. But for the most part she acts like a prissy little princess more than a dog. Honestly. So when she does things that remind us that – Oh yeah… she’s a dog – we can’t help but laugh. 
For example – lately we’ve been catching her pretending to bury her milk bones. I suppose she thinks she  really is burying them, but she totally isn’t. Instead, she is just mimicking brushing dirt over her bone with her nose repeatedly… and always in a very neat circle. (She’s a little anal retentive like her mom apparently.) In order to do this she lightly drags her snout on the ground so it squeaks when it catches the wood… and she almost always ends up with a sore looking, floor burned nose. 
Anyway – last night I caught her doing this on the spare bed in my office and I finally had our little point and shoot handy to capture it! haha (We could never capture it before because if we move or say anything while she’s “burying” her bone – she immediately looks at us and stops. As if suddenly realizing, Oh.My. God – I’m acting like a dog! How embarrassing!) 🙂 haha
So – without further ado – I give you Phoenix – “burying” her bone. (Hopefully James and I aren’t the only ones who find this amusing, and if so, I apologize. Just imagine how annoying we’ll be about posting videos when we have kids!) 🙂 

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