denny the destroyer, faq’s & paying it forward

This past Friday I made a trip up to Wisconsin to visit with my hometown ladies. While it wasn’t exactly the trip I had hoped it would be (I ended up getting sick and spending the majority of the night dozing off on the couch thanks to some miracle working anti-nausea meds Missy gave me) – I still had a great time for the portion I spent awake, functioning and hanging out with some of the loves of my life! 🙂 
Due to me being mostly non-functioning Friday night I didn’t take many pics with the girls. However, the next morning I was back to my normal self and therefore couldn’t help but do a photo shoot with Missy and Dave’s adorable little model of a puppy, Denny. 
He absolutely LOVED being on camera and all the attention even more. He is ridiculously adorable (see for yourself). But being a model is a tough job… Denny was so exhausted after our session that he he cuddled up on the floor by me and dozed off almost immediately. I nearly snatched him up and brought him back to Chicago with me right then and there… but I thought Phoenix might be a little jealous, so I decided to leave him with his loving parents. 🙂 
Cutest pup ever – right?!

 Check out that underbite! 🙂

 I’m gonna get you ball… 

Now that you’re done looking at super adorable puppy pictures… I’d like to remind you guys that there is still one week left to nominate someone (or yourself) for the Pay It Forward photo session giveaway! 🙂  I will be taking nominees up until February 13th and announcing the winner on Valentine’s day. You can post in the comments or email me at to nominate someone! 
Lastly, I’ve been getting lots of emails lately… people asking questions about myself, my business, and photography. And since a lot of them seem to be similar questions – I figured I should probably just give in and do an FAQ post already. 🙂 I am all about paying it forward (obviously) – so why not share the love (i.e. everything I know about photography and the business)?! 🙂 
So ask away people! And I will do my best to answer! You can post any questions you have to my facebook wall (and while you’re at it – “like” my page perhaps… yes?) 🙂
xoxo ~ Christy 🙂

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