Lately I’ve been feeling the itch to redecorate. Our new lease just started on the 1st, so we know we have at least another year in this apartment… and that thought is kind of driving me crazy. Luckily, when I feel the need to redecorate – I can just head outside with my camera and capture some new artwork for the walls! 🙂
Currently we have lots of sharp black & white images and bold-colored photos up. Lately though, I’ve really been loving the complete opposite… more muted colors and soft focus. So today on my lunch break I headed outdoors in hopes of finding some inspiration and subjects out in ‘nature’ (i.e. Millennium Park… about as much ‘nature’ as we have here in Chi-town). 🙂
It was a shockingly warm day and the city was a bustle with people. (Chicago marathon on Sunday and Country Music Festival in Millennium Park brought a ton of tourists into the city!) I happily spent my hour of freedom capturing the following images…. 
(I can’t wait to pick my favs and redecorate!) 

Happy Friday my lovelies!!! 🙂 xoxo!

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