mass insanity

So I’m currently trying to prep for our 11-day wedding extravaganza that we leave for in exactly two more sleeps! (My how time has flown! Eek!)
I for some reason made the terrible decision to pack all of the following things into the 3 nights we have this week before flying out on Thursday:

1. Watching the finale of the Bachelorette (Yes, I wasted one ENTIRE perfectly good night on this… sad to admit, but true. And yes, I cried. A few times…)

2. Getting my teeth cleaned

3. Getting my hair cut & dyed

4. Getting a mani/pedi to prep for bridesmaiding & out of general necessity

5. Running all sorts of assorted errands

6. Gathering all the info (hotels, flights, outings, important wedding things – which is a LOT of info between Chicago to San Fran to Houston to Chicago all in 11 days, by the way!)

7. Packing! (very important & difficult given the cool weather in San Fran calling for various layers, as well as the HOT, steamy weather in Houston calling for quite the opposite!)

And all these things are to be done post-regular work day (i.e. from 5:30pm until I pass out from exhaustion). I’m starting to think I should have taken an extra day off to prep! Oh well. Who needs to sleep the night before a flight? That way I can knock out on the plane even more easily than normal… right?
And because I have no photo to go with this post, I give you our adorable dog, Phoenix (aka: da Phoen-Phoen, Grandma, Moma, Stinky, etc…), lounging on our floor – in hopes of cooling off this past weekend with her ears looking all crazy. How cute is she?! 🙂

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