Tomorrow morning we fly out for an 11-day wedding extravaganza that you may have previously heard me discuss here. This is not just any wedding extravaganza however. These weddings are for some pretty important people in my life – who I am incredibly stoked about seeing marry some amazing guys who fit them both to a tee! 🙂

1st is my dear cousin Sara’s wedding in San Francisco. I’m nearly positive she was my first friend in life outside of my siblings. I am just over a year older than her, so I’m pretty sure we became BFF’s at approximately the age of 1 month (her) and 1 year + 4 months (me). (I may have made this up – as I have no idea when we first met – but whenever that was – we were hooked for life… and I know it was at a very young age.) We had numerous plans in life as we grew up in different cities within Wisconsin. First and foremost was our desire to some day live in the same city and join our separate group of friends. (Which, by the way, happened! Success! At the University of WI, Madison for 4 years :)) Other random out-takes in our lives: pretending to be super heroes at our Grandma’s house (“Danger Girls,” i.e. Dan & Ger… true story), throwing fruit as high as we could and attempting to catch it (sounds stupid, but it was hilarious as children), at times laughing so hard we peed ourselves (maybe), and numerous other ridiculous things we came up with throughout the years, along with lots of parallels in our boy dramas. Bottom line here is that we’ve basically grown up together from day one. We’ve always been on each other’s team. And our lives seem to have run the same course (generally), with a one year delay given our age difference… So, it feels normal for me to be married – but for Sara to be getting married?! I just think – I. might. lose. it. seriously. Today at work I imagined things I may write in the card I’m giving her and started to cry. True story. Just imagined what I may say. Didn’t even write it yet… Anyway – I could write about this girl forever. But I’ll end it here (until I post more from San Fran).  Lastly, to further prove our awesomeness together – here is a photo of us at our cousin’s wedding at the ripe old ages of 9 & 10. (We obviously think we are the sh*t here… I love it. haha!) 

My next lovely lady tying the knot is:

My sweet friend Anne, getting hitched the very next weekend in Houston, TX. Where do I begin with this girl?! She and I met at the University of Kentucky, Lexington (where I spent my freshmen year of college & she spent her entire college career). We were some of the few non-Kentuckyians (is that a word?) there.  Freshman year of college is a pretty huge turning point in life – especially when you move far away from home to a place where you know no one. This was the case for both Anne & I. When we met each other in our 1st dorm floor meeting I immediately remember thinking, “This girl is weird.” … okay, not really. haha! I thought, “I like this girl! Would it be weird if I followed her everywhere?” Well it turned out she thought I was the bees knees too – so it worked out in both of our favors. Throughout that year we went through all sorts of 18 & 19-year-old drama together (you know the sorts), and by the end of the year we’d left Lexington, KY as lifelong friends. Since then we’ve probably seen each other a handful of times, yet somehow have remained incredibly close (and also randomly own the same rugs, shirts, skirts & other assorted items). I can honestly say Anne is one of the most kind-hearted, genuine people I’ve ever met in my life, and when I see her marry an equally awesome guy in a couple weeks – I again, will lose it. (Did I mention I cry a lot? Well, I do.) Again… to further show how cool we are – here is an awkward photo taken by me (notice the super long arm in the corner) at some point during our freshmen year of college – approximately 10 years ago. Hmm… are we that old?

Anyways – I just wanted to post something to prep you guys for the crying mess I will be the next two Saturdays in a row so you are not surprised. Many more posts from our trip across country will be happening in the next 11 days… so stay tuned! 🙂

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