the morning commute

As most of you know, aside from being a photographer I also have a regular “day job” to pay the bills when things are a pinch slow in the photography “off season”- (i.e. when it’s too cold to step out of the house for anything other than absolute necessities, let alone to take pictures!)

Anyways, so a few weeks back my hubs was so kind as to drive me to work and I decided to bring my camera along for the ride.  I realized while I was snap-snap-snapping away how much I take this amazing city we live in for granted!  Seriously.  It really is pretty awesome.  I mean, this is what I see on my way to work daily (if I look up from the newspaper and the bus isn’t so crowded that all I see is the woman’s hair in front of me… so – I guess on a good day this is what I see). Not too shabby!  🙂 

(All photos taken from the passenger seat of our car – usually while moving…)

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