Lately I’ve been checking out a lot of other photographer’s sites and blogs to get some inspiration for my own business. And let me tell you – there are some ridiculously talented people out there who are more than willing to share their knowledge and experiences when it comes to how they got started and how their business grew. Anyways – all this new information and inspiration is flooding my brain to the point where I can barely sleep at night because I’m SO EXCITED for what the future holds!  
The other night I was obsessively reading blogs and looking at photos and researching new lenses when I suddenly realized it was nearly midnight and I better get my butt to bed if I wanted to function at my ‘day job’ the next day. Well, I went to join James in the bedroom but could NOT fall asleep. I just kept talking and talking…… and talking…. and talking (for another hour – eek!) about all the things I’d read. Seriously. I can’t quite explain the excitement I was feeling.  Have you ever had something you wanted really badly in life and then one day realized your dream might actually come true? We’ve all been there… a boy or girl you’ve been crushing on forever suddenly likes you back… you get a call back for an audition… you know – that bubble up inside feeling where you’re so happy you might explode?  Well lately, I get that feeling a lot. About photography.  It’s gotten so bad that James actually said today that he wishes he were a camera so I would be just as excited about him. Oops.  
I am excited about you James! And to prove it to you – a post dedicated to you on my photography blog. (Let me note that I don’t normally do big PDA things – physically when we’re out and about – or via internet – so bear with me and the cheesiness to follow. This is a big deal for me to come out and say, but it must be said…)
But first – a photo of us from our honeymoon (9 months post-wedding) in Puerto Vallarta at sunset, on the ocean, on Valentine’s Day. I know… awwwww!
I want you to know that there is no way I would be where I am in my life right now, dreaming of the future I have been lately, if I had never met you. Being with someone who loves me so completely for who I am (the bad with the good) has allowed me to grow in ways I never thought possible. Your constant support and encouragement has led me to where I am today and everybody who has been witness to it knows it is no coincidence that my dreams started to be realized after I met you. 
I know you think I’m a super cheeseball – crying happy tears all the time over random things I see and read… but you should know that it’s all your doing! I never recall crying happy tears prior to meeting you. The only tears I remember crying were tears of sorrow, regret or pain. But now I cry at weddings I shoot because I remember the joy of our wedding. I tear up while documenting parents with their firstborn child because I imagine the day when those new parents are us. I love photography as much as I do because of you. Because what fun is capturing people in love if you yourself have never felt that kind of love? 
So, thank you James for listening to my dreams and encouraging me to follow them. For being there when things are going great and when things are pretty crappy. For taking care of dinner, cleaning, dishes, laundry (and the other million things you do) so I can edit photos and reply to clients when I get home from work. For being patient when I’m way overtired and a tad more irritable then I probably should be. For understanding when I don’t have a million hours in the day to spend with you like I used to. Thank you for being you and for loving me. You are my inspiration.
Yours always,

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