I never knew I really liked peonies before. At my parent’s house, the lilacs were much more prevalent so I never gave a second thought to that little peony bush.  Well, this year – I saw practically no lilacs in Chicago (I know – it’s a tragedy) and instead saw lots of peonies. One particular peony bush happens to live in the courtyard of our building!  Nobody else seemed to be really appreciating them like Phoenix and I were (she stopped in the middle of her walk to smell them – individually – flower by flower – I know, adorable!)  …so I took that as a sign and picked me a few! 🙂  Well, I think it was okay I did because I am thoroughly appreciating them every moment they are in my house.  (And they have lasted way longer than those silly flowers I bought for our anniversary last week that withered & died nearly immediately – $25 for a bunch of flowers?! Seriously? Ugh – Chicago prices.)

Anyway – here are those 3 little peonies in all their glory…

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