day at the zoo

There’s nothing like going to the zoo with kids.  We went to the Milwaukee County Zoo a week or two ago for a belated Mother’s Day celebration and it was great!  My youngest nephew (who is 2.5) was especially amazed by all the animals. As soon as he caught sight of one he would zone into it and could just stand and stare for minutes on end (which is a long time for a 2.5 year old)!

Here he is before we actually went into the zoo.  We were all supposed to be eating a picnic lunch – but he found it more important to just run for a bit.  🙂 I’m shocked I caught him in some moments of calm for these! 🙂

                                  Ah-mazing that the boys actually sat for a photo together! 🙂

          From this moment on the boys had to ride on the train that day!

Here they are on the train at the end of the day…   You could say they were a little stoked about it! 🙂

Enjoying some ice cream after the train ride – could the day have gotten any better?! 🙂
         Oh yeah… I guess there were animals there too… ha ha

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