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Self-Employment: 1-Year Anniversary ~ Chicago Elopement Photographer

Oh. My. Word. Here we are… One year working 100% for myself. Whoa. I can tell you one thing… time. has. flown. I honestly can’t believe that it has already come and gone. All those fears during off-season seem like just yesterday, and like years ago – all at the same time. I’m not sure how...

FAQ: To discount or not to discount ~ Chicago Wedding Photographer

I get asked about discounts pretty often from other photographers and potential clients alike. I know this can be a super touchy subject (money – yay!), so I hesitated even writing a post about it… but after this question keeps coming up again and again – I figured I’d finally go and just talk about...

Self-Employment: Month 9 ~ Chicago Wedding Photographer

You know what? 9 months in and I think I’m finally getting somewhat of a hang of having a life balance (at least a little). During busy season this fall right after I went full-time I felt guilty every moment I wasn’t working. I thought if I blogged or facebooked or tweeted about anything non-work...

Self-Employment: Month 8 ~ Chicago Wedding Photographer

Yesterday James informed me that he keeps track of how old Chloe is based on what month of self-employment post I’m doing. 🙂 haha She was apparently 4 months when we got her + 8 months = means she is now a year old! Crazy talk! And his pointing that out reminded me that somehow...

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