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Self-Employment ~ Lessons Learned ~ Three Cheers for Office Days

In case the title of this post doesn’t give you a big enough clue…. I’m SUPER STOKED that I realized I needed to schedule in work days months in advance into my calendar this year – JUST FOR WORKING. No meetings. No shoots. No outside plans. Just an empty day on the calendar – dedicated...

Update: Daily Essentials for Happiness ~ Self-Employment Struggles

(If you read this title and are already confused – then hop on over to the post I wrote a couple weeks ago about my Daily Essentials for Happiness before reading this one!) It’s been almost 3 weeks since I announced that I was going to start utilizing a spreadsheet compiled of my “Daily Essentials for...

Playing Village ~ Chicago Elopement Photographer

Growing up I used to play ‘village’ in the basement of our house with my younger brothers and cousin, Chelsea. Basically we each acted like grown ups – raising families and running our own small businesses that made up the village. My name was Kate Brown, and I was raising two daughters by myself (Laurie...

FAQ: On Loyalty & Referrals ~ Chicago Wedding Photographer

Lately I’ve had quite a few people contacting me asking me how I go about creating loyalty from my clients and blog readers, resulting in repeat clientele and referrals. While I’m aware this happens (and I realize it has been happening more frequently in the past year), I honestly had not put much thought into exactly...

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