A Stay at Home Valentine’s ~ Chicago Family Photographer

It has been a weird/wonderful, slow/fast, difficult/lovely winter… hasn’t it? It is so strange to feel so many emotions at once and not know quite where you land at any given moment. Time has been FLYING by, as it does with kids, and every Friday I find myself saying to James… “How is it Friday again ALREADY?!” We have endless to-do lists and lately it feels like one thing gets crossed off – if we are lucky. I don’t know why I get so caught up in it when we aren’t technically busy right now anyway. Why can’t I just slow down and enjoy the quiet? As we are preparing for one of the most insanely busy wedding seasons of our careers… I should really just sit back and enjoy the peace and time together while we still have it.

And this year amid all that long lost busy-ness – our boys will be starting kindergarten in the fall!! (How?!) I had the realization the other day that this is our last lazy winter where we can call any day a “snow day” and pile outside together and play… Where we can call any day a “family day” and cuddle up, watch movies, and order pizza… Where we can take a little trip on a whim because our calendars are wide open. Soon and very soon that won’t be our reality and I know having to answer to someone else’s expectations (school & work) and a schedule (yikes!) will be a wake up call for us to the utmost degree! Ah!

So last weekend I decided to actually get us all out of our pjs and did a little at-home session in our bedroom just for fun to commemorate this time together. I shot some, James shot some, and we self-timer’ed a few. I wanted to share here because I know soon it won’t look like this anymore and so I just wanted sit in it and cherish it just as we are for a moment.

They got so serious in this next one! haha

I was adjusting some things on my camera and saw these 4 waiting for me and their faces just cracked me up! “What’s the hold up, mom?!”

Sending all our love to you all on this snowy winter weekend! xoxo

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