Time Flies ~ First Day of 4k Pictures

Pretty sure we just shared that our miracle babes, Gabe & Micah, were born and now suddenly apparently they’re 4?! Where has the time gone?!

Anyway – I know the rest of the world shared back to school photos like a month ago.. but here we are! haha Better late than never, right?! We decided to do homeschool for our boys this year for preschool (4k) along with a mix of virtual classes through the Chicago Park District. Our curriculum kit for the homeschool portion was backordered so we just now finally got the ball rolling on our official start to homeschool when we received it last week. We decided to order through Timberdoodle because we had heard such great things (you’re also able to customize your curriculum kit!), and it has already been so easy to just jump in and get started! We had the boys do a placement test from their website so we made sure to order the appropriate level for them and they were SO excited to get it in the mail and officially get started today.

Of course I had to make it official with some photos in our backyard (barefoot and all) – haha! (Don’t judge my basic signs! They came as part of the cardboard box our curriculum came in and I just went with it. This year is stressful enough already – I am not about to stress over making fancy back to school signs! haha)

Can someone explain to me how are they going to be in kindergarten next year already?! Where has the time gone? It truly makes me want to cry thinking about them not being home with us next year, but I’m just going to channel that into soaking in every minute with them now!!!

p.s. If anyone is interested in hearing more about our experience with Timberdoodle and homeschooling in general – let me know! I may have a blogpost in the works if there’s enough interest! Feel free to leave any questions in the comments! xoxo

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