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Well, friends – after photographing families and lifestyle sessions for the past 14 years – I finally updated our website to reflect that!! I have always photographed newborn, maternity, kid & family sessions – but in the past 10 years especially – it was always second to our wedding work and bookings. This year obviously things were flipped on their head with the pandemic and weddings getting postponed/canceled/rescheduled, and I have been able to focus significantly more time on that side of our business.

In the past 3 months I’ve photographed as many different families as I usually photograph in a year! I am so grateful for all of our lovely, longtime clients – and to all the new families who decided to finally try out this whole “professional photographer” thing too! 😉 We had quite a few people who have never had their families photographed EVER – and it was so fun showing them how fun it can be to just focus on your family and kiddos and have those sweet moments preserved in photos forever!!

My approach to documenting families comes from the experience of having documented kids and families for 14 years and more importantly – the heart of a mama who fought long and hard to bring her children into the world. I know how precious every single moment is and I know that those goofy things your kids do are exactly the things you’ll want to remember a few years down the road when they’ve already grown and changed. I also know how crazy unpredictable kids and babies can be, so know that you are in a judgement FREE zone with me! (I have bribed my own kids with fruit snacks and ice cream to get them to cooperate for photos – so we’ve all been there! haha!) I will laugh along with your family and get you and your kiddos comfortable as we enjoy the process of capturing your family exactly as you are.

 I make sure to capture all the precious moments from the big ones every family dreams of – with everyone smiling happily at the camera – to those moments in between you didn’t realize you would cherish even more… their little hand in yours…  a glance between you and your spouse… your heart full, as you live out a reality you only dreamt of for so long.

In the past, our website has always had a tiny section where you could see one gallery of our family photography, but now I’ve added an entire separate part! Now you can read more about how I approach shooting lifestyle and family photos, get an idea of our pricing, read some reviews, see plenty of galleries from different kinds of shoots, and inquire – all in a separate lifestyle section of our site! I hope this makes it easier for all of you to find us, share our info with your family and friends (thank you!!), and inquire when you are ready!!

Hop over to the site to see more!!

Also – just a heads up that we will be announcing our 2020 mini session dates and opening time slots for booking to our VIP email list next week!! We have dates for Chicago and Madison this year over the fall and winter/holiday months – but you can always book a session at anytime separately too!! I photograph all over the Chicagoland area and suburbs – and travel to Wisconsin occasionally too. Just reach out HERE!

I can’t wait to see you all!! XOXO

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