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Well the world looks a lot different than we expected when we rang in the New Year a few months ago and it has left a lot of us trying to figure out how to make things work amid this “new normal.” Our sessions and weddings are postponed indefinitely and so we are working to find ways to bring in income for our family during this unprecedented season in our business.

Since most people are home with (possibly) a little more time on their hands – we thought it was the perfect time to run an heirloom wedding album sale!! For the length of this quarantine we are offering $100 off any of our albums!! (This does not apply to people who are just booking with us, as our wedding packages already have an album discount factored in.)

The sale applies to any client whose wedding we’ve already shot, or for couples who worked with another photographer, but have always loved our albums (and have a personal print release from their photographer)! Now is the perfect time to finally get those photos off a thumb drive (or Facebook!) and into your hands!!

Just shoot me a message via the contact button or directly email christy@christytylerphotography.com and I can share more details and pricing!

And of course I had to share examples of some recent album designs clients chose for you to see! These are such solid, beautiful, investment pieces that will be passed down from generation to generation. I just love picturing grandparents paging through these with their kids and grandkids because that’s really what these are all about! All albums are printed and bound by the amazing company, Leather Craftsmen, whom we have used from the beginning!

This one is Ivory Euro Leather with silver imprinting. So simple and pretty!

Light Countryside Bookcloth with gold imprinting.

Taupe Japanese Bookcloth with white imprinting.

Ivory Euro Leather with gold imprinting.

Dark Blue (Navy) Euro Leather with gold imprinting.

And here are more covers for you to get an idea of all the beautiful options to choose from!

Platinum Japanese Bookcloth with Gold imprinting in modern font.

From top to bottom: Taupe Japanese Bookcloth with gold imprinting / Gray Euro Leather with white imprinting

From left to right: Platinum Japanese Bookcloth with copper imprinting and a white liner on the cover photo. / Gray Euro Leather with gold imprinting and gold liner on the cover photo.

Platinum Japanese Bookcloth with black imprinting in modern font.

Platinum Japanese Bookcloth with silver imprinting and white liner around the cover photo.

Light Countryside Bookcloth with white imprinting.

And I love that these two did a family album for their kiddos’ photos! This is Taupe Janapese Bookcloth with copper imprinting and two cover photos.

Ivory Euro Leather with gold imprinting / Taupe Japanese Bookcloth with silver imprinting.

Platinum Japanese Bookcloth with copper imprinting.

Another Platinum Japanese Bookcloth with copper imprinting.

You can see more examples in other posts HERE! People have chosen all sorts of covers over the years, though lately the trend definitely leans towards ivory and platinum (lighter colored) covers.

I can’t wait to hear from you and get your beautiful album designed as well!! XOXO

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