:: 2017 :: The Year of Growing Pains & Baby Stains (Part 2)

I realize this is waaaaay late to the ballgame, but I know now that baby girl arrived, I’ll fall even more behind on these personal projects – so I wanted to get some semblance of the remainder of our 2017 on the blog before these kids are all suddenly graduating from college! 😉

Here is a look at the rest of our 2017 from August through December. 🙂 You can read my full thoughts on 2017 and photos from the first part of the year HERE.  (Now I better get to my 2018 post before it’s suddenly 2030! haha)


  • We left off in July, where we had our first visit to the ER after a super scary high-temp on a trip up in my hometown for 4th of July. Thankfully it turned out to be nothing too serious (though Hand-Foot-Mouth is no fun!!) and Gabe was back to himself in no time.

2017 REVIEW july_0001

  • We went on enjoying all the goodness of summer, like backyard picnics, and family time! 🙂
  • James and I also took our first trip away from the boys ever – to Michigan to shoot Becca & Al’s wedding, with a couple days extra to just be together and it was so good for us!! You can tell we are rarely alone based on the number of selfies we took. haha.

2017 REVIEW july_0002

  • The summer ended with the boys’ first trip to the beach!! Not exactly the ocean, but Micah was sufficiently impressed and Gabe was alternatively horrified. hahaha.

2017 REVIEW july_0003

  • August brought an extended family trip to Paddock Lake in Wisconsin for a week during our “summer break” we schedule out each year!! It was awesome for the boys to get so much time with their cousins, grandparents and aunts/uncles!!

2017 REVIEW july_0004

  • We closed out our summer with more city exploring, the boys’ first carousel ride, and family time (as always)!! 🙂

2017 REVIEW july_0005

  • September brought with it my 36th birthday (which included a date day for James and I – paddle boarding followed by too many margaritas!). It also brought lots of time outside, dining al fresco, beach time, and visits from both Uncle Will & Uncle Ben! It also brought out the emergence of these two really starting to act like BFFs! So cute.

Chicago Family Photographer_0002Chicago Family Photographer_0003Chicago Family Photographer_0004Chicago Family Photographer_0005

  • October it finally started to feel like fall a bit after those unseasonably warm September temps! We celebrated by spending LOTS of time outside and at parks (as you’ll see), as well as the boys’ first time trick-or-treating!!

Chicago Family Photographer_0006Chicago Family Photographer_0007Chicago Family Photographer_0008

  • November brought with it – among other things – some of my favorite photos I’ve ever taken of the boys (on my film camera) to ring in them being 20 months old. Of course I must share them here:

Chicago Family Photographer_0009Chicago Family Photographer_0010Chicago Family Photographer_0011

  • We also attempted self-timer family photos for our holiday cards, which we haven’t done since (for obvious reasons… STRESSFUL). haha.

Chicago Family Photographer_0012Chicago Family Photographer_0013Chicago Family Photographer_0014Chicago Family Photographer_0015Chicago Family Photographer_0016

Chicago Family Photographer_0017

  • And a bunch of everyday goodness in between!!! 🙂

Chicago Family Photographer_0018

  • December brought with it all the holiday goodness and the first time the boys had any clue (kind of) what Christmas might be about … though they still loved themselves a good cardboard box any day! haha. It also brought visits from friends, family and lots of trips to the aquarium!

Chicago Family Photographer_0019Chicago Family Photographer_0020Chicago Family Photographer_0021Chicago Family Photographer_0022Chicago Family Photographer_0023


What a beautiful year!! These dudes grew so much – it is crazy to look back at how they changed even in a few months from babies to kids!! Ahhhhh. XOXO

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