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We’re in the midst of crazy busy fall wedding & portrait season, so I’ve been pretty awful about sharing personal posts on here lately… so in the meantime, I thought I’d share some photos I snapped of our family off and on throughout the year so far instead! I dropped the ball on doing this regularly as the boys have gotten older, but I’m trying to get better about again!! We’ll start out with their 2nd birthday celebration (which we a low-key night at home with our immediate family & their Uncle Rich)! We also had a little hotel weekend and low-key pool party with my family up in Madison the week prior (you’ll see the one pic with Nana from that right below!), so don’t worry – we celebrated plenty!


Chicago Family Photographer_0001Chicago Family Photographer_0002Chicago Family Photographer_0003Chicago Family Photographer_0004Chicago Family Photographer_0005Chicago Family Photographer_0006

Trying to teach the boys how to show they are TWO! haha.

Chicago Family Photographer_0007

These two are just a bunch of kids pretending to be grown ups!!! haha.

Chicago Family Photographer_0008Chicago Family Photographer_0009

Attempts at photos with their number 2 balloons… you can see how well that went!! hahah!

Chicago Family Photographer_0010Chicago Family Photographer_0011Chicago Family Photographer_0012

Gabe spent the whole time while we sang them “Happy Birthday” yelling at the fire/candles for being HOT. haha.

Chicago Family Photographer_0013Chicago Family Photographer_0014

And as usual – Micah dug right into the cake! (We get fancy over here – see that gel icing art I drew on there?! OH YEAH.) Themed Pinterest-worthy parties can bring it!! haha

Chicago Family Photographer_0015


Now onto some random snaps throughout the year when I managed to pull out my big camera, or film camera! 🙂

Chicago Family Photographer_0016Chicago Family Photographer_0017


Easter at Nana & Papa’s – still cold in Wisconsin!!!

Chicago Family Photographer_0018Chicago Family Photographer_0019Chicago Family Photographer_0020Chicago Family Photographer_0021Chicago Family Photographer_0022


Summ nights in our backyard in Chicago!

Chicago Family Photographer_0023Chicago Family Photographer_0024Chicago Family Photographer_0025

Just doing their thing. haha

Chicago Family Photographer_0026Chicago Family Photographer_0027

The 3 amigos!

Chicago Family Photographer_0028


Our little week away this past August in Wisconsin to a lake house with family!

Chicago Family Photographer_0029

Where we got married 9 years ago – the Heidel House in Green Lake!

Chicago Family Photographer_0030Chicago Family Photographer_0031Chicago Family Photographer_0032


Then skipping right on to fall in Wisconsin – back near my hometown to the pumpkin patch / apple orchard! The boys loved it!

Chicago Family Photographer_0033

Not sure what that pumpkin did to them!

Chicago Family Photographer_0034Chicago Family Photographer_0035

I swear Nana & Gabie are having more fun than it appears! Ha!

Chicago Family Photographer_0036Chicago Family Photographer_0037

Waiting for the tractor hayride to come pick us up like….

Chicago Family Photographer_0038Chicago Family Photographer_0039Chicago Family Photographer_0041

A sneak peek at their Halloween costumes!! Mom fail for having them step outside quick for “one photo” only to realize it was freezing and they were barefoot. Gabie cried, and Micah made a run for it. Oooops.

Chicago Family Photographer_0040


Happy Tuesday, friends!! I hope these brightened your day a bit!! 🙂 🙂

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