Our Family Vacation to Myrtle Beach

In January we took a little time off from work to get in some much needed family (& extended family!) time! We had a really busy late summer/fall/winter – so it was really nice to unplug from work for a bit and really get some time in with some of our people. We started the trip with a visit to my parents’ home in Wisconsin and a date night for James and I, and after a couple days up there – we flew out of Milwaukee and headed to Myrtle Beach, SC, where a lot of James’ family is from! The boys got to meet the Tyler side of their family for the first time and I got to meet more of James’ family as well and it was such a good trip. As it turned out – 4 days was not nearly enough time and so next time we’ll definitely be staying longer! It would be awesome to go when it is warmer too – since there really is so much to do in Myrtle Beach (just not so much in the winter because a lot of it is closed down)!

We did manage lots of family time though and squeezed in one little trip to the beach where the boys got to see the ocean for the first time! As expected – Micah thought it might be fun to run right for the water – but we stopped him. Something about the 45 degree day and the mist/fog made the ocean not feel so inviting! haha. Not to mention he is just a bit small for that yet! 🙂

Anyway – I thought I’d share some photos from this dreamy looking day with our boys and their 2nd cousin, Candace – as well as a few other photos I snapped on the trip! 🙂


Myrtle Beach Family Vacation Photographer_0001Myrtle Beach Family Vacation Photographer_0002Myrtle Beach Family Vacation Photographer_0003Myrtle Beach Family Vacation Photographer_0004Myrtle Beach Family Vacation Photographer_0005Myrtle Beach Family Vacation Photographer_0006Myrtle Beach Family Vacation Photographer_0007Myrtle Beach Family Vacation Photographer_0008Myrtle Beach Family Vacation Photographer_0009Myrtle Beach Family Vacation Photographer_0010Myrtle Beach Family Vacation Photographer_0011Myrtle Beach Family Vacation Photographer_0012Myrtle Beach Family Vacation Photographer_0013Myrtle Beach Family Vacation Photographer_0014Myrtle Beach Family Vacation Photographer_0015Myrtle Beach Family Vacation Photographer_0016Myrtle Beach Family Vacation Photographer_0017Myrtle Beach Family Vacation Photographer_0018Myrtle Beach Family Vacation Photographer_0019Myrtle Beach Family Vacation Photographer_0020Myrtle Beach Family Vacation Photographer_0021Myrtle Beach Family Vacation Photographer_0022

I had to end with this photo because – just – seriously. hahaha. We took the boys to see James’ grandmother’s house and wanted a photo of them together but when you have two tired and hungry babies – it doesn’t end well. Ha! I love this photo so much no matter what!

Myrtle Beach Family Vacation Photographer_0023


If you were curious about more of the travel part of the trip – I posted some Toddler/Baby Travel Tips HERE.


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