2017 in Seconds ~ Twin Baby Milestones Video

I’m so grateful that someone introduced me to this App back when I was pregnant because I have absolutely loved watching these videos and seeing the day to day changes and growth of my belly (back before they were born) to their milestones and day to day antics now that they are here with us!!! If you’re curious you can see my pregnancy/baby one from 2015-2016 here: https://christytylerphotographyblog.com/2017/01/2016-in-seconds-twin-pregnancy-one-second-everyday-video.html

And now I’m excited to share what 2017 looked like over here!!! I wasn’t as good when we got SUPER BUSY in November (and sick! ah!) at keeping up with remembering to do the horizontal videos (oops) – so for a bit there they go vertical and it drives me kind of crazy (hi, Type A girl here!!) but I didn’t want to skip a bunch of dates when I had videos to use – just not the right orientation! Argh! Anyway – so I decide to include them and I’m just going to be better at remembering to do the videos horizontally this year! (Hopefully!!)

Anyway – here it is! A look at 2017!!


It is totally crazy to see the boys just getting used to walking at the start of this year and end it when them RUNNING all over the place! How does so much change in a year?! Not only that but they are talking up a storm now and mimic everything we say. They are just little sponges so anxious to learn and figure everything out!! We love love it! And before we know it we’ll be celebrating their 2nd birthday! Craziness!!!

Aren’t they the best?! (We may be a bit biased. haha)

*Stay tuned for more year end posts that I’m working on getting out before we kick off our wedding season in February!! XOXO

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