2016 in seconds ~ Twin Pregnancy One Second Everyday Video

A friend of mine suggested the One Second Everyday app to me partway through my pregnancy and I’m so glad she did!! If you have any sort of long term project or changes in the works – I think it is so awesome to do!! House renovations, a puppy, a vacation, or in our case – a twin pregnancy and babies – all are wonderful things to document over time! (Or even if nothing big is changing in your life – it’s still fun to see your year in one second snippets!)

Here is a look back at 2016 in one second moments. It’s safe to say this video makes me cry every time I watch it! Enjoy! xoxo

(I didn’t realize I needed to record in landscape view until a little ways in – I’m a little bummed about that – but it’s still fun to include those early videos regardless. Just ignore the orientation! ;))



I can’t believe these little dudes are 10 months old today!! Where has the time gone?!

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