2016 Year-End ~ Reminiscing + Giving Thanks

It is kind of crazy to me when I look back at this year and think about how unpredictable (and up all night) our boys were when we were managing our first ever wedding season as parents! When we went into this year we knew one thing – and that was that we knew nothing! haha. I had no idea what to expect and so I did my best to just roll with the punches this year within our life and business. I do have a full post brewing in my brain about all that we learned and how we managed this year – but this isn’t it. 😉 haha. Instead I wanted to just quickly share a few important lessons I learned on the way:

  1. I can function on far less sleep than I ever realized. (Seriously though – I never realized how little sleep I could actually function on until we shot weddings on 2-3 hours of sleep at times!
  2. Adrenaline is a beautiful thing and so is loving your job so much that you just get in “the zone” when you’re doing it and don’t realize how tired you are until the moment you hit the couch at the end of the night! 😉
  3. Working with couples who make you want to be better people is a surefire way to make what could be an insanely difficult year go much more smoothly. Our sweet couples showed us so much grace this year and were so understanding as we navigated our new normal. They were so wonderful to give us space during our maternity/paternity leave and didn’t bat an eye if it took me 24 hours instead of 24 minutes to reply to an email (like it used to).

We are SO thankful for the amazing people this business continues to bring into our lives and I honestly can’t believe we shot all 28 of these couples’ weddings this year!! It feels like it was 5 years all rolled into one – I swear! From our first wedding at 3 weeks postpartum, to our final wedding when the boys were just over 9 months old – each day was so memorable and beautiful in its own way and we are forever grateful for the imprint these couples’ love stories left on our hearts!!


2016 thank you by Christy Tyler Photography_0001


Thank you – Thank you – Thank you a million times over for being the best clients we could ask for and for always rooting us on inside & outside of this little business of ours as well. It means the world. xoxo

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