FAQ: How to Take Your Life back in your business ~ Our Outsourcing Process Part 2 (Video Blog)

Last week I posted about WHY, HOW and WHERE we outsource… and then promised a more in-depth discussion/demonstration on how exactly our workflow for outsourcing looks from start to finish. So on Tuesday I hosted a Facebook LIVE where I walked through the entire process from shooting a session or wedding all the way through to delivering the gallery to our clients!




I thought I’d share the video here so you guys can easily access it and find it again if you want to come back and check it out!!

Also – here are the codes again to try Fotofafa out for yourself!!!

New Photographers – receive one time 40% off:
Code: NewFriends_CT
Existing Photographers (who have already used Fotofafa still get something too)!! – receive one time 20% off:
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Feel free to let me know if you have any additional questions about this – or other topics you’d like me to cover!! I plan to do a Facebook LIVE every single Tuesday at noon central time on our Facebook page HERE – so please leave your questions and comments for me so I know what you all want to hear me talk about! XOXO

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