All the Tears ~ Infertility Project Update

Well, you guys… cue the waterworks because this is my life now. Every time I talk about the new infertility photo project I’m doing I get choked up. I announced our Fortune Favors the Brave Giveaway last week and the response was overwhelming. I literally can’t even wrap my brain around how receptive and amazing everyone has been about it!!

In case you missed the announcement – the project is intended to give couples going through infertility treatments or adoption proceedings a time to step away and refocus their energy on each other. When you are trying to build your family for so long it can get easy to lose sight of what is in front of you. I know I did it, and I know it is common among this community of people. You get so focused on the end goal you sometimes forget to look at the person sitting across the table from you. And along with that – sometimes you just need some time away. An excuse to cuddle up, love on each other, look your love in the eyes, and remember the spark that started it all.

I know James and I needed that so badly back when we were in the thick of all of our treatments, and most especially after our miscarriage. I’m so thankful we decided to do an anniversary session at that time, because it was just the time away we needed to reconnect and remember why we were so great together to begin with!

As I mentioned before, I’ve had this project on my heart for a while now, but given we were in the thick of our own treatments, then pregnant with twins & moving into a house, and then – you know – knee neck deep in baby craziness for the last year – it just didn’t happen. Then I “met” (online) the amazing Amanda Naor, whose project “Worth the Wait” and her heart for this community gave me the push I needed to finally say – LET’S DO THIS – and get my own project off the ground!

I announced it last week and the response was nothing like I imagined. A family in my fertility support group actually was so inspired by the idea that they decided to give away a weekend at their family lake house to a couple who could use the time away!!! I read the post they shared asking for people to submit themselves for the giveaway and totally started sobbing. How amazing that this gift inspired another gift to couples who so could use the time together and away from the stress of this journey?! On top of that – another amazing lady (who is in my fertility group) offered to pay for hair or makeup for the winner of our giveaway so she could feel extra fabulous at her session!!! I MEAN – SERIOUSLY. Not to mention, another photographer offered to do these sessions for locals in her area who may be in need of some time away on their own journeys! (Can you imagine if this took off and people were gifting sessions across the world?!) Then on top of all of that – a videographer reached out and offered to make a video for the project!!! Her ideas are making my heart sing and I’m so excited and humbled to get this project in front of more people who could be impacted by it because of her gift to share it as well!!

If you guys want me to stop crying sometime soon – you’re going to have to reign in being so amazing, because my heart can’t handle it.

I am beyond excited to meet our first couple for the project in just a couple weeks and cannot wait to see how this begins to take off. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your support and love on our own journey, and as I continue to follow my heart. It means more than you can ever possibly fully understand.

Photo of James & I from our own (inadvertent) Fortune Favors the Brave session with Tami Paige.

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Happy Monday, my loves! xoxo

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