January Tidbits ~ Life Behind the Scenes with Twins ~ 10 Months Old

I’m still getting used to writing 2017 on everything, and somehow we’re already into the 2nd month of the year!!

After having one seriously busy and non-stop year behind us, we took full advantage of January’s quiet and did our best to REST. Although, with 10 month old twins that looks a whole lot different than other years!! And to be honest, although it was nice not to be so busy with work – I did realize that I missed having a regular reason to shower, get ready, get out of the house, and interact with some other adults! So I guess it is a good thing that I learned to appreciate our job even more now that it is quiet around here – because it really is the perfect balance (for me) of time at home with our boys and time away doing what we love. I was SO looking forward to off season as the year came to a close, that I was surprised to feel like I actually already was missing getting out of the house for work so soon into it!

It probably didn’t help either that I was reallllly missing the SUN!! We had one of the gloomiest and GRAY Januarys in some time and it really took a toll on me emotionally. In years past (except last year when I was pregnant) we always always traveled during off season – whether it was for work conferences (usually in warm places), weddings in tropical locations, or just vacations we’d planned! But this year we didn’t plan anything because we’re a little hesitant (i.e. scared – haha) to travel with twins, and were trying to save money because, well, babies are expensive (it turns out). Anyway – we decided that next year we will definitely plan at least one trip because oh my gosh winter in Chicago is long otherwise! haha. Thankfully we’ve had some warm weather and sunshine lately so that has helped immensely!!

Anyway – I digress!! Aside from the gloom it really was a wonderful month at home with family! My brother, Josh, visited from out west. We went on a date! We started getting Plated, thanks to friends who got us a gift card to try it out – and have loved making real dinners at home again!! I had a lot of potential client meetings for more 2017 weddings. And we announced our lighting workshop and have been busy planning that behind the scenes!!

Here’s a look at our  month behind the scenes!!


  1. The boys are thoroughly obsessed with Chloe, and Micah is so obsessed that she has started to run away from him!! haha. It took a concerted effort to get her to stay next to him for this photo! LOL.
  2. Smiles from the Gaber!
  3. The Three Amigos!
  4. Stole Micah’s lovie for cuddles. Any lovie will do!
  5. Hard to believe they don’t fit under the table anymore! Their heads hit the top!!
  6. This boys LOVES to eat! Micah takes a bit more convincing sometimes, but usually comes around to food after a few tries!



  1. He does look super content after meals though. Especially after plain Greek yogurt!
  2. Gaber! Hard to believe they had just two bottom teeth not long ago! Now they’re on their way to 5 on the bottom!
  3. Micah has a tendency to wake up between 5 and 6am and won’t go back to sleep in his own crib – and if I try he ends up waking Gabe waaaay too early too – so I end up pulling him in for cuddles with me if he does this. This was after I woke up and was supervising him sleeping while I nursed Gabe. (Don’t worry – I don’t let him sleep with Chloe’s paw on his head and that close to pillows when  I’m sleeping too!)
  4. New front door gate has been wonderful to avoid opening the door into babies and to keep them from putting every single shoe in their mouths! haha
  5. Baby mat refurbished! 😉
  6. Always want to see what daddy is up to!



  1. Uncle Josh came to visit!!
  2. And we headed to the aquarium!!
  3. So stoked to be holding a bottle! haha
  4. So sleepy after a nap in the car!
  5. Teeth!!!
  6. Out to lunch with Uncle Josh at our favorite spot – Revolution Brewing!



  1. More happy faces.
  2. And more smiles!! Why not?!
  3. Oh yes, we have a dog too! Chloe looks lost among the chaos here. haha
  4. Bathtime is their favorite, I’m pretty sure. 🙂
  5. Oh yeah… so is being naked or only in diapers! These two LOSE THEIR MINDS when they’re allowed to roam free like this!
  6. This is what we lovingly refer to as Gabe’s “Chucky Face” hahaha He already doesn’t do it as much as he did! It’s crazy how quickly they grow out of stages!



  1. Story time in a rare photo with me! ha!
  2. Always has to hold daddy’s hand during bedtime bottles.
  3. Hey ma! What are you eating?! GIVE US SOME!! (The story of my life. haha)
  4. Power pose.
  5. I just can’t!!! The cuteness (& newfound  obsession with our front windows once we took our Christmas tree down!)
  6. Oh this guy had a serious laundry basket obsessed moment for a bit there! He would get into it and just sit for a loooooong time. Totally not normal for this guy who is always on the move!



  1. The front windows are fun too because you can say hello and goodbye to daddy (or mommy) as they go!
  2. The end of a wonderful date day!! We were trying to kill time to make sure the boys were in bed by the time we got home and that we didn’t show up in the middle of bedtime and ruin the whole thing – so we headed to get doughnuts for dessert! (After already having brunch out, going shopping, then going to Revolution Brewing to hang out at the bar and try some different beers, share appetizers AND a pizza…. and then DOUGHNUTS. haha. We are gross.)
  3. Daddy’s boys.
  4. The obsession with Chloe continues! 😉
  5. Some days it’s just easier to feed them naked. Because – THE MESSES! Oh my!
  6. It’s also easier to just rearrange all the furniture to make room for them to play. So this tends to be the status of our house. (Notice the giant box from Amazon turned into a “boat”. The boys loved it and we even caught Chloe napping in there once (since the bottom was lined with pillows) – lol!

jan6Life with Twins 10 months by Christy Tyler Photography_0001


Onward to February we go!! Here’s to a month with more sunshine, more patience, more laughter, hopefully more sleep, and according to our calendar – more shoots and meetings too! 🙂 Oh – and our lighting workshop!!! We still have a few seats left – so grab them HERE!

Happy Monday, friends!! xoxo

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