Reflections and Our First Christmas

We are prepping today to shoot our final wedding on 2016 tomorrow and I can’t really wrap my head around it. This year has flown by in ways I never anticipated. I mean, I know people say it goes quickly… but seriously! We started this season driving to Iowa City with 2 month old babes for Molly and Kevin’s engagement session, and we are finishing this season with 9 month old babes for Molly and Kevin’s wedding!

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, I’ve been rather absent from the blog this year. It wasn’t intentional or planned, but when you’re caring for twins and running a business both full-time – something has to give. I’m sad to say it was my quiet time spent writing, because I really really cherish writing so much. It truly is my therapy and my journal to write personal posts here. I’ve had so many times this year when I thought “I should write a blog about that…” but I just never could find the time. We went through so many changes this year and I have so many stories and thoughts to share. My hope is that this off season when work is a bit more quiet and the boys are now on an actual schedule (hallelujah!!) – I’ll find the time to sit and write here again. I’ve always loved having my blog to look back on how far we’ve come and as a journal to remember all we’ve done and been through. I especially want to have that documented as the boys grow – so I need to make time for that to happen!

Anyway – this is all just to say – I’ve missed you guys so much!! I’ve missed this space and I’ve missed sharing more of my heart. As things are winding down for our year we are soaking in our time with the boys preparing for their first Christmas. They love love love our tree and magically, actually leave it mostly alone! They were super intrigued at first, but don’t obsessively try to attack it or anything, so it has been so nice! Granted, I haven’t added ornaments to it yet – so we’ll see if that changes things! haha.

We’re hosting a small Tyler family Christmas this Sunday after our final wedding Saturday (don’t ask me about that terrible timing I planned – haha! Planning a party for a day when you won’t be around the day before to prep or cook is a little crazy I’m realizing)! Then James’ mom is coming to visit for most of the week and will meet her grandsons for the first time! Then we are headed to Wisconsin for Christmas with my family before heading back home to just relax and veg out for a bit!

It has been a truly amazing year, but we are ready for some peace and quiet together as a family. I can’t wait to actually get to spend some time with James again in the evenings instead of working most nights until we go straight to bed. I’m hoping to catch up on some of our TV shows that I’ve ignored for 9 months and looking forward to cooking real dinners again! (We have seriously been living off of frozen pizza, easy Trader Joe’s meals, and take out most of this year…. eeeeeek!) And then, when we are hopefully rested and rejuvenated – I look forward to sitting down with James and taking a look at what we’d like to accomplish in 2017 and start to work to set our goals into action.

But in the meantime, we’ll be here – enjoying this magical time with our boys. My heart could not feel more full. Honestly. If I think about it too much I just break into spontaneous tears – so I’m trying not to do that! ha! We are so grateful for all the lovely clients who showed us so much grace this year. We are so thankful for family and friends who understood that James and I had to disappear for a bit, and wouldn’t be as easily reachable as we once were. We are so grateful for the other twin parents out there who lent us their ears (or text messages, mostly! haha #twinlife) and offered us advice. It has been a wild ride, and I know we wouldn’t be here without the support of the amazing community around us. Thank you all so very much. I hope you have a very blessed holiday season.



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