March Tidbits ~ Life Behind the Scenes ~ Pregnancy Weeks 36 – 38 ~ Babies Weeks 1-3

This is waaaay late coming, seeing as it is about to be May…. but I couldn’t let this month slip by without doing a tidbits post!! I want to remember all of these weeks and months – and for me that means my online diary needs updating! 😉 Looking back through these images while the boys are down for a nap has me feeling all of the feels! I cannot believe how much they have grown already!! It is seriously crazy! I look back at these teeny little newborns who were drowning in the clothes we had for them… that now I can’t even manage to squeeze one of their arms into – and I could almost cry! These really are the fastest weeks of our lives and I just want them to slow down!

Not to mention how incredibly trippy it is to see how huge my stomach was at the beginning of March as we waited on their arrival in those final two weeks! It is amazing how much has happened in a month – and you know I took waaay too many photos to document it all! I’m excited to share more of the behind the scenes with you all here now!

And make sure to stay tuned because I do plan to do a proper post about their birth story, along with the beautiful photos Simply by Suzy took for us at the hospital (annnnd newborn pictures she took in a post to come too)!

For now – let’s all just be impressed that I even managed to get this post up! haha


The last of the bump photos!! I mean… wow. haha! Now it makes sense because there were apparently two 7 lb babies in there!

  1. One day shy of 37 weeks and the only pants I could usually manage were J’s big Nike sweats! haha
  2. And my winter coat no longer fit either… so J’s coat it was! HAHA
  3. 37 weeks exactly here! I managed to actually put on clothes… so proud of myself. 😉
  4. 37 weeks and two days… on our way to our final Non-Stress Test at the hospital – and I went to get a haircut that day! Smart move in retrospect.
  5. Lopsided belly in the morning (the boys loved to make my belly look crazzzzy). 37 weeks 4 days!
  6. Later that same day – catching my reflection in windows still took me by surprise!



March 8th – Induction Day!! Just two days shy of 38 weeks!

  1. My last breakfast at home with just James! (If I had known I wouldn’t get real food for another 2 days I would have eaten WAY MORE).
  2. I’m also very glad I took the time to go CLEANING CRAZY right before we left for the hospital – because the house has pretty much been gross since we brought the boys home. haha.
  3. My (not so cozy) bed at the hospital until the boys made their arrival.
  4. A litttttle hard to sleep with all these contraptions on your body!!
  5. Day 2 – still waiting on those boys – but feeling hopeful we’d meet them that day!!
  6. Turns out they wanted to wait until the next day and we welcomed these two beautiful boys into the world on March 10th at exactly 38 weeks!



Those next few days at the hospital recovering were a complete sleep deprived blur. I honestly have never been so exhausted in my entire life (30 hours of labor followed by a c-section will do that to you apparently) – then throw trying to figure out how to take care of two newborn babies immediately after that… yeah. haha.

  1. James at least got his own bed in our post-delivery room!! So many baby cuddles happened there!
  2. Wee baby Micah!
  3. Wee baby Gabriel!
  4. My sis and her whole family came to meet them!! Cousins! YaY!
  5. The boys’ last photo in their hospital gear! We were discharged and getting ready to head home!
  6. James went to get the car, so I’m bummed he’s not in this pic – but one of our sweet nurses took this of me and the boys before we headed home! (p.s. the nurses at Presence Saint Joseph’s in the city were simply AMAZING. We cannot say enough wonderful things about how well they took care of us and helped us in our time there!!!)



Life at home begins and it was just a bit crazy to start! haha

  1. Thankfully mom was there the first day to help us settle in!
  2. Let’s just say all four of us in our bedroom PLUS Chloe – who was trying to figure out what was the deal with these screaming babies – was not an ideal first night home situation. But – we definitely won’t ever forget it! haha
  3. How we attempted to have the boys sleep in our room the first night. Yeah. Never did we try this again. They hated it. Nobody slept. Not them. Not us. haha
  4. Cuddles the next morning made up for it though. Gosh, I already miss when they were so tiny they both easily fit in my arms!!!
  5. Look how big that newborn clothes is on Micah!!
  6. And Gabe!



  1. First pediatrician’s appointment! We were just so proud we made it out of the house with them! haha. (And not tooo late! ;-))
  2. And we managed to eat dinner at our table that we made (miraculous!) on night three!
  3. How we lived for the first month, basically. Living room always always.
  4. These two have been holding hands since day one. I cannot handle the cute!
  5. So teeny they could share a boppy, and again with the hand holding!
  6. Micah loves to sit like this. It’s pretty much the cutest. Obviously.



  1. One week old on St. Patrick’s Day!
  2. Someone developed a love for the boppy early on! haha. Even though she clearly doesn’t fit!
  3. More hand holding. More hearts melting.
  4. Nana came back!!!
  5. Gabriel’s first bath! (He hated it!)
  6. Micah’s first bath! (He hated it too!) Sponge baths are noooo fun in a chilly room!



  1. Chloe’s nanny game is on pointe!
  2. Best friend visits! 🙂
  3. Micah’s side eye is no joke!
  4. My heart is soooo incredibly full. I may cry happy tears quite a bit around here. Also – more hand holding!!! AH!
  5. St. Patrick’s Day dinner a few days late courtesy of my mama!
  6. Twin cuddles. Hearts exploding.



  1. Did I mention we lived on the couch for a while? haha
  2. Dad game strong.
  3. Times 2!
  4. Chloe takes her nannying seriously.
  5. Oh my gosh – they used to be so teeny on my nursing pillow! They barely fit anymore!! I can’t handle this!
  6. One day shy of 2 weeks old here!



  1. Two weeks postpartum. The female body is kind of crazy amazing, isn’t it?!
  2. Our sweet friends came for a visit!!
  3. …and brought along their son (J’s godson)! 🙂
  4. First outing with babies – to Bad Apple we go – with 2 week old twins. haha.
  5. More tiny cuddles.
  6. Newborn session day! Suzy worked her magic, as she does.



  1. More tiny cuddles. I miss when I nursed them in this position! The cuddles were the best! Now they’re too long!
  2. Chloe’s got this.
  3. Soooo tired. Sooo happy.
  4. The whole crew. All my loves.
  5. Micah makes a great office assistant! haha. My attempts at catching up on some emails…
  6. James thought he’d give the nursing pillow a try (for different purposes, obviously!) – Chloe oversaw the operation.



Wow – what a month!!! Hopefully I’ll stay on top of these better from now on (haha… right) – and will share April tidbits soon… seeing as this weekend is MAY! What?! Now we just need the weather to come back and realize it is spring again, please. xoxo

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