Stitch Fix Review ~ Maternity Edition (25.5 Weeks with Twins)

I had so much luck with my first round of maternity Stitch Fix that I decided to try again!!! This time I had a specific request in mind – I needed a work appropriate dress to fit over my (quickly) growing bump for our final wedding of the year on New Year’s Eve!! Here’s what they sent!!

(*Side note – It’s crazy how quickly my bump has grown!! The last post I did was at 20 weeks – just 5 and a half weeks ago and I have grown SO much since then! Yowsa!!)


Piece 1: Liverpool – Mira Maternity Skinny Jean

First Impression: I don’t own any maternity jeans – I’ve been pretty much rocking a pair of J.Crew maternity pants, leggings & a pair of gray Gap Maternity pants… so maybe it’ll be nice to have some jeans??

Final Thoughts: These are actually suuuuper comfy with the full panel. None of the pants I have that are maternity have the full panel, so that is nice for comfort. However, they do feel a bit big. I know they don’t really look it in the photo – but they are super stretchy and if I move at all I have to hike them back up so they stay on. Also… I’m worried with work being (mostly) wrapped up for the year that I don’t really have a “need” for jeans that I’d wear out of the house. When I’m here – I’m mostly in comfy clothes…. soooo…. are they worthwhile?! Also – I have (hopefully) 12 more weeks to grow – so maybe?


Stitch Fix Maternity Review by Christy Tyler Photography_0001


Piece 2: Madigan – Nervo Lace V-Neck Maternity Knit Top

First Impression: Meeeehhhhh….? Maybe?

Final Thoughts: I mean – it fits well and is cute enough, though very plain… but I definitely don’t really need this top for anything and can’t see myself wearing it much in the next few months.


Stitch Fix Maternity Review by Christy Tyler Photography_0002


Piece 3: RD Style – Vivianna Open-Draped Knit Cardigan

First Impression: I love these type of cardigans, but not sure I’m loving this pattern/color.

Final Thoughts: It’s okay? I don’t love love love it… but don’t hate it. And it is a regular sweater – so definitely wearable post-baby bump. What do you think?


Stitch Fix Maternity Review by Christy Tyler Photography_0003


Piece 4: Full Moon – Vallee V-Neck Printed Maternity Knit Top

First Impression: That pattern is… WHOA.

Final Thoughts: Ummmm… I don’t think so! Kind of hate this pattern and the fit is a little odd….? And the fabric feels very rough/weird… like a cheap polyester or something? Thoughts?


Stitch Fix Maternity Review by Christy Tyler Photography_0004


Piece 5: Ingrid & Isabel – Elick Maternity Dress

First Impression: Please oh please let this fit so I have something to wear to work and don’t have to keep looking!!!

Final Thoughts: Whoa is this TIGHT. Like.. I could barely get it over myself tight! haha! I think maybe if it were one size larger and didn’t have the ruching all the way down my back side and legs – it might feel more work appropriate? As it is – the hemline keeps riding up if I move and is waaaay more form fitting on my backside than I’d prefer for work. LOL. It’s beautiful quality though and would be super comfy if it were maybe a size bigger?!


Stitch Fix Maternity Review by Christy Tyler Photography_0005


What do you guys think?! Tell me if you think I should be hanging onto any of these pieces!! 🙂

If you’re interested in trying out Stitch Fix yourself – use this link:

Happy Tuesday, friends!! xoxo

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