Family Christmas in Wisconsin 2015

Well, it most definitely was not a white Christmas, or the Christmas James and I anticipated since he spent some of it in South Carolina attending his Grandma’s funeral… but we made the best of it and clung extra tight to our loved ones this year. Nothing puts things in perspective quite like losing a dear loved one.

I had some siblings who flew into Chicago in the days leading up to the holiday (and were lucky enough to have my brother, Will, come stay with us for 4 whole days before we headed up to WI!), and my other brother & his wife were here for a quick night before driving up to Wisconsin too. 🙂 It was a nice way to extend the holiday celebration and get more time with my siblings than usual!

We took James to the airport in Chicago on the 23rd before driving up to Wisconsin, and so it was nice to have my brother here to drive up with me while James was away. (I’m a little paranoid of being alone for too long, or for long drives now that I’m getting further along in this pregnancy.) We made it up to Wisconsin on the 23rd, spent the 24th relaxing, eating, playing an inappropriate game of Cards Against Humanity (that we somehow convinced my very innocent mother to partake in… haha), and generally missing James a WHOLE LOT. Then bright and early on Christmas morning I woke up to drive down to Milwaukee to pick up James from the airport.

I was so excited for him to get home I really couldn’t even sleep. I made it to the airport and his flight was slightly delayed so I decided instead of waiting at the baggage claim in the car that I’d park and actually go into the airport and wait for him. I stood at the arrivals gate while a man played Christmas songs on the grand piano in the middle of the concourse. I watched as people arrived and their loved ones greeted them excitedly with hugs, tears, and laughter. You guys – it was like being in a real life version of the opening scene of Love Actually on Christmas morning and it may have been the best thing ever. I was doing my best to hold back the tears (but was not succeeding) as I waited for James to walk through the gate. I spotted him from afar and tried to think of anything else to keep myself from crying!!! But once he was close enough to realize I was inside waiting for him and a giant smile spread across his face as he walked towards me – I started sobbing like a big old pregnant baby!!! haha. I seriously could not stop crying. James came up and gave me the biggest hug and said, “You would think I’d been gone for months the way you’re crying!!” (when in reality he’d been gone just short of 48 hours).

I couldn’t have asked for a better Christmas present, and was so happy to have him home safe and sound. When we got back to my parent’s house my sister’s family had arrived as well and we spent the rest of the next two days celebrating the holiday and just enjoying each other’s company. It was the first time in quite a while that all 5 of the kids in my family were home at one time – and it was SO NICE. I’m forever grateful for the amazing support system we have around us and for all the unconditional love. I’m just so, so grateful.

Anyway – here’s a look at Christmas 2015…. xoxo (Shout out to my sister-in-law, Martha, for learning how to use my camera & snapping the pics of James & I… and a few others!! Also – a few iPhone snaps mixed in here, since I was too lazy to get out the real camera the whole time… ) 🙂


On our way to Wisconsin and Chloe thinks she is a little lap dog, per usual. Also – I had to coax her to sleep in bed with me by putting her dog bed ON my bed!! What the heck! I’m lonely, dog! James is gone and you won’t even sleep by me?!

Christmas 2015 by Christy Tyler Photography_0001

Probably because she was busy getting so much love from my entire family! Spoiled pup!! Christmas Eve marked 27 weeks for me and the Little Buddies – so I had to commemorate with a photo!

Christmas 2015 by Christy Tyler Photography_0002

Martha loves to braid hair and I love to have my hair played with. Perfect combo, if you ask me! 😉

Christmas 2015 by Christy Tyler Photography_0003

Quiet Christmas morning before I head to the airport!

Christmas 2015 by Christy Tyler Photography_0004

Waiting for James … cue the tears when he arrives!! AH!

Christmas 2015 by Christy Tyler Photography_0005


And on to the Christmas Day celebrations now that the WHOLE family is in attendance! Martha did my hair, naturally. 🙂

Christmas 2015 by Christy Tyler Photography_0006Christmas 2015 by Christy Tyler Photography_0007Christmas 2015 by Christy Tyler Photography_0008Christmas 2015 by Christy Tyler Photography_0009Christmas 2015 by Christy Tyler Photography_0010Christmas 2015 by Christy Tyler Photography_0011Christmas 2015 by Christy Tyler Photography_0012Christmas 2015 by Christy Tyler Photography_0013Christmas 2015 by Christy Tyler Photography_0014Christmas 2015 by Christy Tyler Photography_0015Christmas 2015 by Christy Tyler Photography_0016

Someone is a serious ham for the camera! I mean… really – pretty sure she jumped into every picture! haha

Christmas 2015 by Christy Tyler Photography_0017Christmas 2015 by Christy Tyler Photography_0018Christmas 2015 by Christy Tyler Photography_0019Christmas 2015 by Christy Tyler Photography_0020Christmas 2015 by Christy Tyler Photography_0021Christmas 2015 by Christy Tyler Photography_0022Christmas 2015 by Christy Tyler Photography_0023Christmas 2015 by Christy Tyler Photography_0024Christmas 2015 by Christy Tyler Photography_0025Christmas 2015 by Christy Tyler Photography_0026Christmas 2015 by Christy Tyler Photography_0027Christmas 2015 by Christy Tyler Photography_0028Christmas 2015 by Christy Tyler Photography_0029

The boys even got a little something!! Sooo cute. 🙂

Christmas 2015 by Christy Tyler Photography_0030Christmas 2015 by Christy Tyler Photography_0031

Let’s not talk about how many attempts with the self timer it took to get this photo!! hahaha. And even then I had to swap someone’s head out… (ahem… no names shall be mentioned… ahem… my niece!)

Christmas 2015 by Christy Tyler Photography_0032

We had to mark the occasion of all of us in one place with more photos – obviously.

Christmas 2015 by Christy Tyler Photography_0033

Photobomber, Ben! No surprise there! 😉

Christmas 2015 by Christy Tyler Photography_0034Christmas 2015 by Christy Tyler Photography_0035Christmas 2015 by Christy Tyler Photography_0036Christmas 2015 by Christy Tyler Photography_0037

Someone was crazy obsessed with my belly and the fact that she has two little cousins in there! haha. She seriously told me “Your belly is BIG!!!” approximately 1 million times over the course of two days. haha And she always had to touch it, listen to it, and talk to it. Too cute. 🙂

Christmas 2015 by Christy Tyler Photography_0038

BROTHERS! (Am I right?!) 🙂

Christmas 2015 by Christy Tyler Photography_0039Christmas 2015 by Christy Tyler Photography_0040Christmas 2015 by Christy Tyler Photography_0041

Clearly I put the camera away for a bit – but had to snap one of our Christmas spread and game night!

Christmas 2015 by Christy Tyler Photography_0042

And last but not least… these two! I mean… it’s probably good we are having two boys, because our niece already has James wrapped around her little pinky – I can only imagine how he’d be with a daughter!!

Christmas 2015 by Christy Tyler Photography_0043


I hope those of you who celebrated had a beautiful week as well!! It’s hard to believe we just have a couple more days left in 2015!!! Ah!

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