September Tidbits ~ Life Behind the Scenes ~ Pregnancy Weeks 11 – 15

Wow. Going through these photos from September is tripping me out because I feel like already so much has changed in just a few weeks!! I really thought I had a bump early on in the month – but it is crazy how much more I’ve grown since!

September was a bit of a rough month around here – because James and I spent literally almost the entire month fighting an awful virus, which was less than awesome… but the good news is we made it through and the month still had some fabulous highlights!! Like my brother’s wedding in Eugene, OR… ringing in my 34th birthday …and officially reaching the 2nd trimester!! So let’s take a look back at September and the wild & crazy sickness-filled, ride it was! 😉 haha


  1. We kicked off the month with one of the warmest days of the summer (it seemed like!) and so right before all the City pools closed for the year at Labor Day, James and I made sure to make it to our new (AWESOME) local pool!!
  2. Naps are the name of the game, guys.
  3. And ice cream. Specifically vanilla cones from McDonald’s. Always and Forever. Especially when pregnant and needing to eat constantly or else you’ll feel nauseous.
  4. Our backyard. Oh lordy. Just divert your eyes.
  5. But James is working on it! Promise!
  6. I don’t know why this photo makes me laugh. Chloe was locked upstairs while our new table was delivered and she let me know she wasn’t happy with me!



  1. We made it to Eugene for Josh & Martha’s wedding!! And after a long day of travel… immediately found the ice cream!
  2. Oh… and the VooDoo Doughnuts! 😉
  3. Wedding day shnazzy! We’ve never looked so good shooting a wedding before! haha. Being a “Groomsmaid” and photographer has its perks (namely a professional does your hair and you get to wear a pretty non-work dress)!
  4. Some of the family out to dinner on our last night in town! LOVE these people!!
  5. We noticed a bump forming!! Well… James is sticking his out…
  6. … but mine is real! 😉 (11.5 weeks pregnant here)



  1. And then the sickness hit. And it was not fun.
  2. Very NOT fun.
  3. But James wrote me sweet notes and left them for me to find when I wasn’t expecting it… and when I certainly wasn’t feeling beautiful.
  4. The definite perk of the week was our 12 weeks appointment where we got to see the babies again and they finally looked like babies!!!
  5. This little one looks like they were waving “hi”!!!
  6. And this one looked like they were sucking their thumb!! Awww!



  1. Chloe knows when James needs a shower and has no patience for him to actually shower – so she takes things into her own hands… errr… paws.
  2. What my bedside table looks like when I’m super sick and haven’t been able to hardly stomach food… but I need to stomach food or I’ll feel even worse… The dual sides of fighting an evil sickness & being pregnant. I actually feel ill just looking at this photo because that was one of the worst days of my whole pregnancy! Praying that was the worst of it!
  3. I was feeling a little paranoid all the illness was hurting the babies – so seeing this rainbow appear in front of my feet at the wedding we shot the next day put my worried heart at peace.
  4. I finally felt a *little* hungry on the way home from our wedding and so I took advantage and grabbed a cheeseburger. I know… I know… McDonald’s. But I had hardly eaten since getting sick and was dropping weight and feeling weak. Not cool. So anything I could stomach, I did.
  5. Speaking of eating… the sweet corn & baked bean cravings were real when I was feeling good!
  6. My 34th birthday (mini) bump!! My last day of estrogen patches!!! Hooray!



  1. We finally managed to sell all our old furniture – which meant we were back at square one with decorating and settling in! haha.
  2. BUT! We had a TV stand and a cute chair! So at least there was soooome progress!
  3. Oh hey! Turns out I thought I was getting better – but my virus turned into something else and so I had to get on antibiotics and an inhaler. The inhalers aren’t the best when pregnant, but my doctor said the babies needed me to get enough oxygen more than anything. As you can tell… when I’m not 100% Chloe is worried about me and always right by my side!
  4. Oh my gosh. Clients who have a breakfast sandwich waiting for me to eat on the drive to the ceremony?! THE. BEST. Eating is my new full-time job, so gestures like this mean the WORLD to me!
  5. Chloe has taken a liking to the babies’ (future) room! Or maybe she’s just trying to tell us to unpack already?! haha
  6. Celebrating 4 years of Chloe with some extra morning snuggles! I can’t believe 4 years have flown by already!



  1. Our awesome clients, Lauren & Martin, got us tickets to see our teams play with them!! We had the best time! James had such a good time, in fact, that he left our keys at the stadium! Eek! (Don’t worry – they found them 13 days later!!! YAY!)
  2. NEW RUG!! And pony/horse dog! haha
  3. Celebrating officially hitting the 2nd trimester with ice cream – of course!!
  4. We always seem to happen to have Wisconsin weddings the weekend of my mom’s birthday – and it is AWESOME. So happy we made it home to celebrate with her!
  5. 14 weeks 3 days pregnant. Bump is growing (and is already much bigger than that now)!!!
  6. Ended our month with a visit to our new OB (who is in our network, yaaay). I was nervous about the switch, but when we walked into the exam room and saw these butterflies on the wall – we knew we were where we were meant to be.



What a crazy, but wonderful September it was!! So many happy milestones and a few not so awesome times… but that is life – isn’t it? Celebrate to the good and learn from the difficult times. I hope you all are enjoying the beautiful October that is underway! I can’t believe we’re almost halfway through already! Time is flying!! XOXO

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