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Yesterday started out like any normal day around here. I worked, I went for a walk, I worked some more…


Then I got a call from James around 5 o’clock. He had stopped at PAWS after going to the gym, and he wanted me to come see about a puppy. (I guess the story doesn’t technically start there… we’ve actually been to shelters a lot in the last month, in preparation for adopting another dog – to see what was out there – and to figure out if we were ready. We were actually looking at another dog for the past few weeks, which is why James was there in the first place last night.)

Anyway – this adorable little 3-month old shepherd mix caught his eye and he thought I HAD to come see her. So he drove all the way home, picked me up, and took me back to PAWS with him. I’m pretty sure about 1 second after meeting her I realized I couldn’t leave there without her. (James already knew this was going to happen, apparently.)

It’s funny though – because we’ve been looking at dogs for what feels like a while now – and no dog has ever been good enough. No dog compared to my Phoen-Phoen. The more dogs I visited, the more I wanted her and only her.

But then I saw this sweet little girl that needed a home, and something just felt right about it. For the first time, there was no hesitation in me. And ironically, or coincidentally, or … I don’t know the word for it… today is actually 3 months exactly since we said goodbye to Phoenix. And this little girl that came into our life yesterday is 3-months old. We didn’t realize any of this until we were already in the car driving home with our new family member. Funny how it worked out that way, and how this just felt right.

So far things are going great – although she is completely distracting me from getting any work done! She loves the couch and somehow listens to us (most of the time) when we tell her to “sit.” We don’t have a name for her yet… nothing feels quite right, so we’re going to wait until something does. We both thought immediately that she looked like a Reese’s peanut butter cup, a perfect mix of peanut butter covered in chocolate – so we thought Peanut (?), then that felt too cheesy (although she is such a little peanut right now!!). Then we thought maybe more like a coffee drink… Latte? Cappuccino? Mocha? We tried them all out – and she actually listened to us when we called her Mocha, so we’ve been using that for now – but we’re still not sold.

Anyway – she may not have a name – but she already has a place in our hearts. And I’m sure she’ll have one in yours too after you see these pictures!!!


Literally 2 seconds after taking the photo above, I took the photo below… she fell asleep in the palm of his hand that quickly. AWWW-DORABLE!


Have a fabulous weekend everybody!! 🙂


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