Fall in Wisconsin & NYC in Black and White ~ Chicago Film Photographer

Today I’m spending some time doing a film mentoring session for the lovely, Keren, who attended my workshop last spring! I’m so excited to see her again and to teach her all about film photography!! Those of you who know my whole story know that I earned a degree in Commercial Photography from Harrington College of Design way back when I first moved to Chicago. For the program we were required to buy a medium format film camera and for most classes had to do all our assignments on slide film (which doesn’t give you much room for error), especially because we often were forced to turn in the slides themselves for assignments (no scanning and editing allowed), which the professor would throw in a projector to show the entire class. Talk about pressure!

Anyway, thankfully shooting film is much more relaxed and enjoyable for me now that we’ve been doing this a while (lol!), and I’m so excited to share my love for film with another photographer!! In prepping for the mentoring session, I realized that I never shared my film photos from this fall on the blog! We shot some for fun back in Wisconsin on my family’s land, and I shot a roll of black and white film while wandering around NYC with my brother as well… so I thought I’d finally get to it and share some of the images here!! Enjoy!



Chloe was more interested in the animals in the woods than taking photos with us, obviously. haha


Mom, mom, mom… I think there’s something over there in the woods!!!


Finishing up the end of a roll of film before heading to NYC!



Happy Monday, friends! xoxo

Shot with Mamiya AFD 645, Porta 800, and Tri-X 400. Scans by Richard Photo Lab.

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