Stitch Fix Review ~ Month 5

Well, guys, I’m not positive there’s anything I’m going to keep from this Stitch Fix – to be honest. I’ve had really great luck in general with these, and realized when I was going through my closet yesterday that a lot of my favorite pieces that I wear regularly are from previous Stitch Fix shipments! Because of that I know I’ll keep getting more of these in the future – but for now either I’m just not loving these, or I may have done a little too much Cyber Monday shopping (for myself… haha) – because I’m just not feeling like I like anything enough from this Fix to drop any money on it.

But maybe you could persuade me otherwise… what do you guys think? What should I keep (if anything?), and what should I send back?! I requested holiday style warm weather appropriate clothes, which I feel like they did pretty well on the holiday part, but in general I’m just not feeling like these are my jam!


Piece #1: Zad Mavis Layered Leaf Earrings

First Impression: These are giant!

Final Thoughts: Once I put these on – I realized that yes, they are still gigantic. haha. These aren’t really my style either and I’m honestly not sure how these got sent in my fix?! But I did ask for holiday appropriate wear, so maybe they thought these were festive? Thoughts? These just don’t seem very practical for me and I can’t think of when on earth I’d wear them.



Piece #2: Daniel Rainn Dixon Eyelet Detail Blouse

First Impression: Definitely fits with the holiday theme I requested, and I like the eyelet details.

Final Thoughts: I’m just kind of ‘meh’ on this one. I don’t LOVE it, which I feel like I need to if I’m going to keep it. Although this may be my favorite piece of the whole Fix when looking back on them all.



Piece #3: Skies are Blue Lucine Swiss Dot Blouse

First Impression: I like the Swiss dot details and feel like it could be a versatile shirt.

Final Thoughts: Again, just kind of ‘meh’ on this one. I don’t think it is particularly flattering on my body type. It reminds me of something I would have worn back when I played it more safe style-wise when I still worked at the law firm because it was practical and conservative for the office.



Piece #4: Pink Martini Adira Three Button Long Coat

First Impression: Say whaaaaat?!

Final Thoughts: It’s just not my style and it didn’t feel as high quality as I like a coat to feel, honestly. I feel like I’m Zoeey Deschanel in this coat. Love her! Don’t love this coat.



Piece #5: Evolution by Cyrus Tilda Faux Leather Sleeve Dress

First Impression: Another dress with leather accents! This could be awesome, or really bad.

Final Thoughts: This is the kind of dress that needs to fit you like a glove, since there isn’t much stretch to fill in the gaps thanks to the faux leather paneling. It felt like the shoulders weren’t broad enough for me, and things just weren’t laying right. Am I right?



Alright, friends, let me know your thoughts! Can you persuade me to keep any of these goodies?!? Sad sad Stitch Fix month over here! Womp womp.

If you’re interested in trying your own, which I promise I usually love more than this – use this link to get started!


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