September Tidbits ~ Life Behind the Scenes

I love doing these posts (mostly for myself, haha) because honestly – life flies by so quickly lately that I have trouble remembering what we even did each month! On nights when I’m feeling nostalgic, I scroll back through these posts and smile at these small, seemingly inconsequential moments, that in reality mean so much in the course of our lives.

Here’s a look at all those little moments from our September…


1. We kicked off September back at my parents’ house, and can you get what we made to go with dinner?

2. I think you guessed it by now.. yes?! 😉 My favorite summertime drink!

3. I absolutely LOVE mentoring sessions and had the best time sharing all my nerdy light-obsessed tendencies with Tira Paige!

4. Football season started in September!!! Enough. Said.

5. Ever since our trip to the PNW, I have been trying desperately to learn how to braid better (thanks to my soon-to-be sister in law, Martha)… not sure I’m doing too well though. haha!

6. Scouting locations for our 3rd commercial shoot – and SO THANKFUL for amazing friends connecting us with some fabulous schools in Chicago!



1. I’m not sure doctor’s offices will ever cease to creep me out. We had a couple appointments this month to keep up with what we need to be doing to get ready for our next IUI, and got some good news on progress!!!

2. So naturally, we went out for Mexican and margaritas to celebrate!!

3. It got cold out of nowhere this month (and then immediately warmed back up to the perfect temperature), but in the meantime, Chloe wasn’t too pleased. haha

4. I don’t say it enough – but I am SO PROUD of this man!!! James busts his butt for us 24/7 – keeping the business running behind the scenes, keeping me sane & spoiling me rotten, shooting weddings, and helping me produce our commercial shoots – all while going to school!!! Here he is after a late wedding, taking a test to get it into his professor by midnight! Go James go!

5. We have the sweetest clients!!! We absolutely loved this heartfelt gift from Katherine and Tynan (we already finished the peanut butter, use the bloody mary rim regularly, and I can’t wait to dig into this book)!

6. The view from our night cap location on my birthday! 😉



1. Celebrating 3 years in business full-time together when we woke up and realized what day it was! We have been a bit sleepy over here (can you tell?!) – but it is so worth it! We are so thankful to do what we love together!

2. When you’re sleepy – you put an air mattress in the living room because sometimes you’d just rather work from the living room. Here’s Chloe waiting until we give her the ‘go ahead’ to get on the mattress! haha So cute. 🙂

3. And here she is passed the heck out in her bed! LOL!

4. Chloe made a new friend… Ghost Face! These two are nuts together! I nearly went out to buy Chloe her own puppy after this interaction… because clearly she needs friends!!! 🙁

5. Fall = COMFORT FOODS. Yesssssssssss.

6. Pillow stealer and a husband hiding in the background. 😉



1.  James working it at a recent wedding at A New Leaf!! We just LOVE that venue and hope to shoot there again soon! (Swoon!)

2. Chloe chewed a perfect circle out of the middle of her frisbee, and now carries it around like this pretty regularly. I laugh every. single. time. hahahahaha

3. Just another office day around here – gym clothes, no makeup, no shower, glasses, and headphones! Get it! 😉

4. Annnnnnd just another night at the Tylers! 😉 Seriously. Chloe goes crazy licking J’s head. GROSS.

5. I’ll just go ahead and said “you’re welcome” while we’re at it – because you will want to thank me once you order the world’s most amazing garlic olive oil!!! OHMYYUM.

6. FALL! So, so happy. 🙂



I hope you guys had a beautiful September! I honestly cannot believe it is over already!! Here’s to a fabulous October!! xoxo

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