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I’ve had a lot of random thoughts spinning around in my brain lately – so I thought it was about time for another installment of Points & Ponderings (my made up word… yeah!) – since the last one I did was apparently in April!

1. Mile IQ. I’m obsessed with this app!! It is pretty much the best thing for anyone who has to track their mileage for work (which we do). I used to spend the end of the year going through my Google calendar and mapping out how far I drove for business related things (I know… can you image the time that took?!) – but now my Mile IQ app is tracking me everywhere I go and I just have to go through and mark each drive Personal or Business, and voila! It is tracked! The. Best.

2. Gone Girl. Ohhhh man. I am totally the person who gets on the bandwagon way too late for these things and then realizes I would really like to read the book before I see the movie – and so I’m finally reading the book everybody has been raving about forever! And I’ve finally hit the part where people say “You won’t be able to put it down!” Ah! It took me a while to get there, but I still enjoyed the early parts of the book (the writing is phenomenal!)… but now I get what people say. I’m reading this every chance I get lately!! (And don’t say anything about the movie, or how it ends, or anything!! I’m still in the thick of it! No spoilers!!! Ah!) 🙂 Thank you. 🙂




3. Gloom & Doom. Initially I didn’t mind the cloudy rainy weather this week, but after a few days of it… whew. It really takes the life out of you, doesn’t it?! Is it just me?! The gray skies can really bring you down!! Finally on Monday (or was it Tuesday???) – James and I both just said – THIS WEATHER!! Ah!! When it feels like nighttime the entire day long, it can really confuse a workday at home, let me tell you! Come back sun!!! Please!!!

4. Fall. Obviously I’ve been enjoying my fall walks with Chloe a LOT (if you follow me on Instagram, I’m sure you’ve seen some of our snaps from our daily walks!), but I don’t feel like we’ve really gotten to embrace fall yet! In September when it was nice the leaves weren’t changing yet, and now that they are it is so gloomy that I’m not embracing the season like I usually would (see above)! That’s why I’m SO EXCITED to head back to Wisconsin at the end of the month for a weekend of sessions, and James and I are planning a day off to hit up The Little Farmer (up near my hometown)!! I’m talking about feeding goats, hay bale rides, caramel apples, pumpkins… all of it!! I plan to drag James to every little thing there is to do there! I can’t wait!!! Once that happens, I do believe my fall will be complete! 🙂




5. Kindle & other “non-book” Books. I’m reading Gone Girl on James’s Kindle Paper White, and while I can say I don’t  HATE it… I definitely don’t love it either!!! I miss the ease of holding your finger in your place in the book, and flipping back to find something you wanted to reread! I miss seeing the actual progress in turning each page and working your way through a book – and physically getting to see that progress! Call me crazy, but I am definitely an old fashioned real book girl, I’ve realized! The only feature I do really love about the Kindle is clicking on a word you may not immediately recognize and up pops a dictionary with its definition! That is handy. But the rest of it? Meh. I prefer to fill our giant bookshelves with more books than they can handle, so I’ll stick with my old school paper books! 🙂

6. Socializing. I’ve realized we’ve pretty much been working non-stop for the past couple of months and that I haven’t gotten to catch up with my family or friends in waaaaay too long. I’ve been feeling a little bummed out lately and I’m pretty certain (other than the weather), it is because things have been all work and no play around here!! I need to make time in this crazy schedule of ours to get out of the house and interact with some human beings!!! haha. Seriously though. Do any of you other work-from-home people start to feel a little crazy and hermit-like after a while?! I should really make sure to schedule at least one just for fun social outing with family or friends every couple weeks! (New rule!)

7. The Walking Dead. OHhhhhhhMyyyyyyyWORD! We didn’t get to watch this on Sunday evening live, so James and I caught up on Tuesday and say – WHOA. It was a great episode and has me super excited for a new season!! That being said – I really have a love/hate relationship with The Walking Dead. I have never (and will never) be a scary movie kind of girl, and was a complete lunatic in high school when I would be convinced to go to haunted houses with my friends. (I’m talking running into walls because I was trying to get out as fast as possible, scared out of my mind, and actually falling face first out the last door of a haunted house once, because I couldn’t get out fast enough! haha) So obviously, it comes as a bit of a shock to anyone who knows me that I actually watch The Walking Dead! The truth is – I have a very specific WAY in which I have to watch it (especially Sunday’s episode, which was non-stop!!). I have to be wearing at least 3 layers of clothes, including long pants, socks, and most definitely a hoodie – with the hood up. I leave my hair down so my neck feels more protected, and then wrap a scarf AROUND my hair & hoodie. And then I curl up next to James under a blanket on the couch and bunker myself with pillows. Now I’m ready to watch The Walking Dead! hahaha. Seriously though. Also, I usually need a shower afterwards because I was sweating so bad from freaking out while wearing one million layers of clothes! haha. Ohhh but it is so good!




Well, friends! Those are my random thoughts about life lately around here!! What have you all been up to?! I feel like I’ve lost touch with the world lately!!! xoxo

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