Home Sweet Home ~ Wisconsin Wedding Photographer

I already knew this… but this weekend it was once again reinforced for me: there really is no place like home.

James and I went back to my parents’ house in Wisconsin on Friday night to relax for a day or so before I drove to Madison yesterday for a full day of sessions. It was my first Saturday off in I don’t know how long! (James didn’t really have ‘off’ per se, since he was busy studying, but I dare say he enjoyed some relaxation too. ;))

I slept in Saturday, worked on Chloe’s Halloween costume (the first time I’ve put more than 2 minutes of prep into figuring out what to throw on her in time for a blog post! haha), ran some errands, read my book, took a shower before noon (I know!!!!), baked a cake, went out to my family’s ski hill and ran/walked around with James and Chloe at sunset (soooooo pretty), and ended the night with a home-cooked meal for my mom’s birthday re-do dinner. 🙂

All in all, it was exactly what the doctor ordered – even if only for a day!

I was able to truly relax and not worry about work for the first time in a really long time (which I couldn’t have done in Chicago, since being home means work time to me, I’ve realized). And today we are enjoying another (somewhat) relaxing day as we ease our way back to the city of hustle & bustle (after a stop at the outlets, of course!), and get back to work.

I hope you all had a beautiful fall weekend as well… this weather was just unbelievable! xoxo


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