Flashback Friday, Wedding Edition

James and I are in the process of FINALLY going through our own wedding photos after recovering them from the one hard drive we had them on (back-up your photos, people! 5 years ago we weren’t so smart about that!)… and stumbled upon lots of photos we hadn’t previously noticed or don’t remember – and it is amazing. We relived our wedding day looking through all the candid/hilarious moments and realized again what an honor what we get to do for people is… preserving their memories for them to reminisce, laugh, and feel oh-so-good about when they go through the photos over and over through the years!

Anyway, you can expect a full wedding post someday (since I never did one way back in the day because we didn’t blog then) – but for now… I give you our youngest nephew… SO YOUNG then, and just as cute as ever (with a little more chub on him! haha) – rubbing the top of his head, zoning out at our wedding, and wondering who the heck this photographer guy was taking photos of him anyway. Awwwww! (Photo by Jon Hamblin.)




Happy Friday, friends!! 🙂 xoxo

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