Wardrobe Crowdsourcing ~ Stitch Fix Review ~ Month 3!

I just received my third Stitch Fix shipment and let’s just say – I’m going to go ahead and title this one “The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly.” (Unfortunately… haha)

I think this may have been my least favorite shipment to-date, which is really surprising because I felt like they were on a roll with me the past couple months! I’ve been sticking with my gut feeling in the past and only keeping what I really really LOVE and would have actually bought if I saw it in a store on my own – and it seems to be working because I’m actually wearing the pieces! (Something about Stitch Fix makes me want to keep things I don’t love, and pay more for a top than I ever normally would if I stumbled upon it elsewhere. Smart marketing Stitch Fix! Whatever you are doing is working! haha)

Anyway – I don’t know if I messed them up by mentioning my birthday was in September and I really wanted something cute to wear for my birthday – but this month was all over the place! So without further ado – let’s get right down to the 5 pieces they sent this month!! Let me know what you think!!


Piece #1: 41 Hawthorn Natasha Front Pocket Sleeveless Blouse

First Impression: Love the style and love the color!

Final Thoughts: Once I put it on it was a bit too blousy on the sides (although you can’t tell as much here because my arms are hiding it). It actually sticks out a good 2-3 inches off my ribcage, which I didn’t love. Also – what is up with the front pockets?! They’re uneven! One is way higher than the other and makes my boobs look lopsided?! I’m not sure if that was intentional, or just poorly made? But no thanks.



Piece #2: Collective Concepts Jaycee Crew Neck Hi-Lo Split Hem Blouse

First Impression: Love the bold color.

Final Thoughts: Once I had this on I felt like I was wearing a shirt 3 sizes too big! Also… I realized something felt weird and turned to see the entire side was wide open and that the front hem was way shorter than the back hem. Waaaay not flattering. Waaaay not my style.



Piece #3: Brixon Ivy Heidi Scallop Hem Pencil Skirt

First Impression: This has potential and I’m a sucker for scalloped hemlines!

Final Thoughts: Way too big when I got it on and I really don’t like the scalloped pocket detail. 🙁 Womp womp. Also, not really sure what I’d wear this for, since I only dress up for weddings we shoot, and then I prefer to wear dresses because they are easier overall.



Piece #4: Pixley Kennedie Texture Print Illusion Dress

First Impression: Ummm. WHAT?!

Final Thoughts: No, just a million no’s! More than I can type and express here. haha. I felt sooo unattractive in this dress!! It just hangs on me and the fabric felt like some polyester blend that I did not love. Also – it’s clearly too big and ill-fitting. Ick.



Piece #5: 41Hawthorn Jakobe Chevron Print Maxi Dress

First Impression: Thank the lord for something I might actually like!

Final Thoughts: I put it on and it immediately felt right, even before I got to a mirror! It fits perfect and covers enough on the top that I could actually wear this for shoots or meetings and not worry about my chest popping out the top. Also, I love the gathered waist and the colors!



So… What do YOU think?! Tell me which Stitch Fix items are keepers, and which to send back! xoxo!

. . . .

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