Sonia + Sebastian ~ Chicago Night Engagement Photos

I am so happy these two are so on top of things and booked us nice and early for their June of 2015 wedding!! Because of that I’ve gotten to know them during our first meeting over drinks, via lots of emails, again at our 2nd annual wedding client party, and then James & I got some more quality time with them at their engagement session!!! By now these two most definitely feel like old friends to us and I just love it so so much! (I also loooooove their adorable pup, Sofi! And not just because she liked me way better than James. haha!)

Sonia and Sebastian really wanted to highlight the beauty of our amazing city, and so they thought it’d be awesome to end their session at dusk downtown as the city lights came up!! I was super excited because it is always fun to try something new (and downtown at night just looks amazing) – so we made the plans and made it happen! These two got incredibly lucky because we had such a beautiful day for it and they got to enjoy a perfect golden hour sunset for photos to start the session, and the awesome Chicago city lights to end it!

Here are some of my favorites from their beautiful engagement!




I cannot express my love love LOVE for this & these two enough!!! Ah! SO SWEET!

**Also – shout out to my younger brothers today – who turn 30!!! (Actually, that can’t be right… that would mean I’m…. oh man. Eek!) Enjoy your day Will and Josh!!!

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