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It was a whirlwind of a week and now it’s already over?! It’s been a while since I did a little wrap-up post with random thoughts and ponderings (a word I made into a noun, duh)… so here we go!

1. It warmed up in Chicago – FINALLY! – (at least for the day on Monday, and a tiny bit here and there…) so you know what that means: James is cooking dinner again! (i.e. Grilling out!) Trader Joe’s BBQ sauce + grilled chicken = heaven. Just sayin. (And I’m not normally a big meat or chicken eater… but something about a grill makes everything taste better.)

2. We are getting close to finishing the 2nd season of House of Cards and I just can’t help but wonder… WHAT THE HECK IS WITH CLAIRE + FRANK’S MARRIAGE?! I mean… so strange. Also, how can there be one show with so many characters I don’t like?! Most of them are just terrible people! And yet… I can’t. stop. watching.

3. We’ve managed to squeeze more social events into the last month than we did all last wedding season (especially in the last week)! Apparently we’re scrambling to see everybody before we get so busy soon that we pretty much sleep, eat, work, shoot weddings… repeat.




4. James had a dream that I gave him a Walking Dead themed baby announcement telling him we were pregnant and on it I said, “Carl James Tyler” would be the baby’s name… but then apparently clarified that it was only a Walking Dead themed joke and we wouldn’t really name the baby Carl…?!?! What kind of crazy dream was this?! haha! Also, where can I get my hands on a Walking Dead themed baby announcement…?! Also… you think we maybe watch a little too much Walking Dead?! LOL

5. Now that the weather is warming up I’m doing my best to get mine and Chloe’s out-of-shape butts out of the house for walks more often! When it first got above freezing I took Chloe for a walk and she barely made it a mile. Seriously. This is the dog that used to DRAG me for 4 miles, and now she is panting and begging to stop after 3/4 of a mile?! Anyway, my goal has been to get us both in shape the last month and I’m happy to report that we went for a long walk on Wednesday and she was even able to run the last half mile home after walking 3 miles! Go Chloe Go!




6. Speaking of working out… I seriously need to cancel my gym membership. I’m basically paying $42 a month for the comfort of knowing I COULD go to the gym if I WANTED to. But I never want to, so what am I doing wasting my money?! I’ve seriously been two times in the last year or two. I’d just much rather get outside with Chloe for long walks, lift weights at home, and do yoga/pilates/dance/whatever you can think of workouts in the living room On Demand. Has anybody canceled their membership? Why do they make it SO HARD?!

7. Spring has sprung!!! I saw buds on the trees, green things popping out of the ground – and even a few blooms!!! I couldn’t help but snap some pics with my phone on our walk the other day… FLOWERS YOU GUYS!!! FLOWERS!!!




8. This weekend Wisconsin plays in the final four Saturday, AND it is our client party Sunday!!! YEAH! We have 40 of our past & current clients coming to sip on some tasty craft beer, and eat some delicious food for a couple of hours this Sunday and I can’t wait to catch up with everybody!!!

9. Last but not least, I need some book recommendations!!! I just finished the Tina Fey and Mindy Kaling books (both were hilarious and I loved them!), but now I am looking for either a really good memoir or fiction that I get so wrapped up in I can’t put it down! Any suggestions?


Happy weekending everybody!! See you back here Monday! xoxo

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