March Tidbits ~ Life Behind the Scenes

Well, the old saying “March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb” apparently held true this year!! As I was scrolling through my photos from March – they started with non-stop photos of SNOW SNOW SNOW and moooooore SNOW. Ah! And yesterday we ended the month with the warmest day in such a long time! It was almost 70 in Chicago!!!


Other than that – March was a month of prepping for the workshop, filing taxes, designing albums, and lots of other behind the scenes business stuff… tied in with fending off the evil plague that hit our house for a couple of weeks, and actually enjoying quite a few social weekends out with friends (I kind of forgot what that felt like for a while)!

Here’s a look at our month behind the scenes!


1. Snow, Snow, Snow. March 1st marked 15 weeks since our first snow (in November)!!

2. Out with my beautiful cousin Sara while she was in town visiting!!

3. The cure to cold temperatures when you are pretty much over the cold… cream cheese stuffed pumpkin french toast. Yup.

4. Chloe was a big time help with the workshop prep and taxes! haha

5. So proud of this guy studying away as he works his way to his degree!

6. More snow?! I’m shocked!!!



1. Another cure to cold temps… willing spring here with fresh ranunculus! My fave!

2. Chloe and James mirroring each other in separate rooms. 🙂 hehe

3. Lauren’s bachelorette party in the city! (i.e. Wedding photographers’ night out!)

4. And then I promptly got super sick and Chloe did her best to be my nurse…. or at least my moral support.

5. Wedding season just around the corner means shopping for new dresses!

6. We hosted our 3rd Advanced Workshop!!! LOVE!



1. Chloe stealing my seat.

2. And awkwardly staring at us while we watch March Madness…. “Hey guys… can’t you turn off this basketball junk and play with me?!”

3. Celebrating exciting things happening in the Tyler house!

4. I seeing clients’ photos in print – especially in these beautiful albums! Tis the season for these to be showing up around here regularly now!

5. A session at the Chicago Cultural Center… I couldn’t help but snap a pic of the dome! So pretty.

6. Our fertility journey continues… no shame here:  i.e. A selfie in the bathroom while wearing the world’s thinnest hospital gown (seriously – it’s made of paper!)… before more testing.



1. Home from my round of tests, woozy from giving too much blood… James and I decided to head out for an impromptu lunch date.

2. These two.

3. Momentarily in first in our brackets!! YEAH!

4. James somehow managed to make this happen, so of course I had to take a photo of it!

5. Closing out the last weekend of the month with our life swap weekend & these adorable kiddos – who refuse to take a nice photo together! haha

6. Out like a lamb! Chloe enjoying the sun and shockingly warm temps yesterday on our deck!



Here’s to a wonderful month ahead, hopefully full of warmer temps!! We’re excited for shooting season to be back in full swing, weddings to start, and our first IUI in late April/early May!! Here we go!!


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