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I’m just going to go with the assumption that all of you watch Jimmy Fallon and are familiar with his “Pros & Cons” bit he does… yes? I’m going to roll with that answer… 🙂

Anyway, I was sick this weekend (boo), and am still doing my best to fight off whatever the heck has taken over my body (mainly my eyes and nose) so I can get back on track for the busy week I have ahead!

Inevitably, every time I’ve gotten sick since we went full-time, I can’t help but think about the pros and cons of getting sick when you work for yourself… so I figured why not share them here, Jimmy Fallon style?! (I’m aware I’m not even 0.09% as funny as him, but let’s pretend!)


You can leave a tissue shoved up your nose while working because you don’t have co-workers around to think you’re disgusting.

Except if you have a dog, like Chloe, who wants to attack the foreign object coming out of your nose.


You don’t have to get dressed and try to look nice when your nose is the color of Rudolph’s and your eyes are watering like you just cut 100 onions.

Unless you actually have sessions to shoot or meetings to attend out of the house… like I do today. haha. Here’s hoping popping enough cold meds will keep the runny nose and watery eyes at bay!


If you have nothing pressing to get to in the morning, you can lay in bed a bit longer… wallowing in your sickness.

Chloe will realize you aren’t feeling well and feel the need to be your ‘nurse’ (i.e. lay across your pillow above your head and lick your face incessantly because, Something just isn’t right with mom today…)




On ‘office days’ you don’t need to get out of your pajamas to go to work. (Although I’m not sure how this is different than a normal office day around here… haha)

(In James’ eyes)… You might never get around to showering and just sleep/work/sleep/work in the same pjs until you have the strength to shower when you’re all better. (oops)  🙂


You don’t have to call your boss to request a day off if you’re sick.

Your new boss is even crazier than any other boss you’ve ever had and refuses to let you lay down for more than an hour. The second you start feeling the slightest bit less like death, your boss is screaming at your to get off the couch and get back to work, because this business doesn’t run itself, dang it! (I realize this is crazy talking about myself in the 3rd person as my own boss… I blame the Tylenol Sinus meds I’m on!)  😉


And since my brain isn’t functioning at 100% and I’m just not that creative, those are all the pros & cons I have for you today!  😉  (Please don’t judge… haha.)


Have a fabulous Monday you guys! I am pretty stoked it is supposed to be 50 degrees in Chicago today!! HEAT WAVE!!! Enjoy it!!


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